Three Up or Three Down:  Grading Spartan Football POST Nebraska

  1. DOWN: MSU Game Plan It was terrible.  The Huskers were stunned that MSU completely went away from the run in the 4th  Especially with the wind issues.  It was an absolutely offensive malpractice.  One Husker said, “What the hell were they thinking?  We’ll take it.”
  2. DOWN: Confidence in the Spartan Offensive Brain Trust Dantonio has openly said when I have questioned his offense, and others as well that he is, “Not an expert” on offense.  After the game he made it clear he was actively involved in play calling.  Having said before that he was NOT an expert and let them do it, and now admitting he is active in it, clearly, he won’t say it, but he has lost confidence.  So should you.
  3. UP: Amazing D This defense will not get the respect they have earned in the history books, but they are one of the best all time.  The job they did in Nebraska was stunning.  This is a College Football Playoff Defense with an anemic offense.  If the Spartans had any kind of a decent offense they would be at least 10-1 this week.  If you need any motivation to go to the Rutgers game, you should for the seniors on the D.


Mark Dantonio is a good and honorable man.  He has earned the right to do whatever he wants with his staff.  But, the Nebraska game was proof, that while he can do whatever he wants, so can the donors and those that purchase tickets.  If he doesn’t make changes, and his track record suggests he won’t, tickets sales and donations are going to be brutal next year.  I have spoken to so many donors that have contacted me and season ticket holders.  It isn’t good.  He can do what he wants and so can they.  Not doing anything means many of them would.

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