Chairman of the Board of Trustees Brian Breslin
Thanks, John and good morning, welcome everyone. Thank you for being here. First thing I’d like to do is to introduce my fellow colleagues on the Board of Trustees. I will start over here on my left with the honorable Brian Mosallam of Dearborn. We move over here to the honorable Joel Ferguson from Lansing, he is the Vice Chair of the Board. Melanie Foster from East Lansing. Dan Kelly from Clarkston. Mitch Lyons from Rockford and Diane Byrum from Onondaga Township. As President Engler said, George (Perles) couldn’t be with us today, but he sends you his best.

Well, I am here today as the Chairperson of the Michigan State University Board of Trustees offering our full support and unanimous support for Bill Beekman to be the next Athletic Director at Michigan State University. The board would like to echo Interim President Engler’s comments regarding Bill’s integrity, his leadership and Bill’s ability to bring stability to Michigan State Athletics. I have known Bill now for about eight years. I think that I can speak to my board colleagues when I say that Bill displays the highest values that we strive to embody in Spartan women and men. He has left positive impressions in every single role that he has played at Michigan State. We believe that Bill’s leadership in athletics will greatly benefit our student-athletes, our staff, and our stakeholders. Over the past several months, the University has made significant improvements in campus safety, medical procedures, reporting practices, with the support and improved sexual assault prevention and response. The Board has confidence that Bill will uphold those changes and continue looking for improvements where athletics can be a leader. While winning championships will always be a goal for our individual athletes and teams, supporting our student-athletes in pursuit of their degrees and mentoring them to become the best possible versions of themselves and assets to our society is of paramount importance for our great University. We are confident that Bill will provide the leadership required to achieve both of these goals. So, Bill congratulations, and thank you all again for being here.

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