It’s not often that a high school freshman is able to receive an offer from a power five school, but Clarkston (MI) 2021 offensive lineman Garrett Dellinger picked up an offer from #5 Michigan State back in February and continues to hear from several other programs as his sophomore year approaches.

Spartan Nation recently stopped by Clarkston to speak with Dellinger, who was apart of Clarkston’s Class A basketball state championship team and took a recent visit for a Michigan State spring practice.

“That was awesome, to just see how they do it, the order that they do it, from individuals to sometimes defense comes and works together as not just offensive line and defensive line, but linemen all together,” Dellinger said of his time on campus. “You got to see how they go against each other like form and I learned a lot of things like if you’re getting bull rushed, how to readjust, just everything. I learned a lot.”

During his visit to Michigan State there were several parts that stood to Dellinger, which the 6-foot-6, 250-pound lineman said included his interactions with the coaching staff, as well as the facilities.

“It’s awesome, the coaches are just amazing,” he said. “When I went back there I reconnected with them so well. The facility – I wasn’t really expecting that – but that weight room, it was absolutely amazing. I only saw the indoor field when I first went there, but I went to the spring practice and went outside and saw two more fields, I didn’t even think that was possible.”

After playing for legendary Clarkston basketball coach Dan Fife last season, Fife said that one of the first things he saw in Dellinger was his competitiveness and also added that Michigan State head football coach also noted that he wanted to see Dellinger continue to play basketball during his time in high school.

“That family is a tremendous family, his mother and father both played college basketball, their kids all enroll in ROTC during their careers at the college that they go to,” he said. “His oldest brother, who played for me was just a tremendous competitor. He’s in his final (step) of becoming a Navy Seal. This kid here, the kids are saying that Dantonio told him to make sure that he keeps playing basketball along with football and I think for that, I think they would want him as a tight end, I’m not sure, but that’s what I think.”

Fife, who also coached current Michigan State left tackle Cole Chewins when he played at Clarkston, once recommended to Dantonio that Chewins, who was a high school tight end, play on the offensive line in college.

For Dellinger, however, while he is being recruited as an offensive lineman, Fife believes that Dellinger could have a future playing the tight end position.

“He sees the ball, he’s got good hands catching the ball and I call him ‘Grips’ after a while because when it gets in his hands, it’s like hand grips, those hands are strong,” he said. “Every day after practice (he would ask) ‘Do you have the keys to the weight room? I need to get in and lift’, he lifted every day after practice. He’s such a good kid. He didn’t get a lot of playing time, but he’d see me in the hallway before a game and would say ‘Coach, I’m ready to play tonight if you need me.’ What a great attitude, he’s one of those kids, you don’t have to beg him to do anything, he’s going to be there, he’s going to play and he’s going to compete.”

While Dellinger said that he’s not too concerned about which position he will play in college, he does have a preference of playing on the defensive side of the ball.

“I want to be a defensive player because hitting someone is a lot more fun than blocking someone,” he said. “Knocking someone down is just a lot more fun to me.”

Dellinger understands family.  His mom bubbles and radiates with a love of people and life.  His brother is one of our American heroes serving in our special forces and his father is a giant in his own right.  The Dellinger’s do it the right way and that is what helps him be not just a great football player, but an amazing young man.

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