Answering Your #11 Michigan State Basketball Questions and Emails…


Hondo several years ago someone wrote you and asked if anyone on the Tom Izzo staff would replace him if he would leave after that year.  I know that he is staying, but at the time you said you didn’t think any of them had a chance.  Do you still feel that way?  Stephanie Denovich

Oh, I remember that question.  It made one man VERY angry with me.  Although I couldn’t say at the time my answer was based on what I knew of Hollis plan, it was 100% accurate.  Now that Mark Hollis is no longer the AD, I cannot answer that question.  His plan (and he did not want Izzo to leave, but had to have a plan) was to go outside the staff.  That is a decision that I can’t answer now because I do not know the next AD and what they might feel.


Hondo when and where is the NBA Draft?  Kyle Miller

June 21 in Brooklyn, New York. 


Hondo do you know when Moneyball is this year?  I can’t afford season tickets, but I never miss a Moneyball game.  Brian Anderson

June 28-Aug. 2


Hondo with Nick Ward back, what are his biggest weaknesses that he has to get on track to make the NBA?  Tony Scott

Defense, double teams, and a real jumper.


Hondo what do you predict to be the starters in the first game?  Kelly Jackson

PG Cassius Winston

WING Joshua Langford

WING Matt McQuaid

BIG Nick Ward

BIG Xavier Tillman

I think Kyle Ahrens and Marcus Bingham could make some moves early I the year as well, but that doesn’t mean others won’t start.  There are a lot of potential breakout stars on this team.


With the recent news that Izzo was on the Orlando Magic interest list, a question popped into my head. I would appreciate your thoughts. How confident are you, that if any of MSU’s head coaches were to leave, that the current administration is equipped to make a quality replacement hire? (I wonder bother about the national perception of MSU right now and the seeming lack of experience within the athletic department.). I apologize if this has already been addressed in a manner that I missed. Thank you for any insight you have. Hope you have a blessed Memorial Day Weekend.  Pete Morgan

Good question.  I do not have enough information to answer that.  I know Hollis had a plan all the time every year should something happen.  With the void in leadership it is a genuine concern.


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There you go, everyone.  Another week of your MSU Basketball Q and A in the books.  Make sure to send in your questions for next week.  Simply email them to and put weekly Q and A Basketball in the subject line.