COACH TV:  OC Dave Warner Talks Post-Practice

Duffy Daugherty Football Building

East Lansing, MI

The #5 Michigan State Spartans are in the midst of spring practice. OC Dave Warner talked after practice and you can watch the video above:

Co-Offensive Coordinator/Running Backs Coach Dave Warner

On what he’s seen from his offensive positions…
I think probably our tight end positions have done a lot of work and they’ve come on. Receivers is probably number one. They’ve stepped up as expected. You know we had high expectations coming in this year and I thought they’ve performed very, very well.

On Connor Heyward stepping into a playing role…
He’s done well with it. He’s done a great job with him in that position, but he’s also a guy that’s very, very versatile. You know he can play slot receiver for us, he can do a lot of different things, but as far handing the ball off to him he’s doing a great job. He’s picking up the offense well and he’s done very well.

On Connor Heyward’s running style…
He’s got very good and more patience than other running backs. He’s got a good feel for allowing blocking screens to take play and then finding the hole and exploding through the hole.

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