EXCLUSIVE:  Tom Izzo 1 on 1 From the Locker Room, MUST SEE!

Detroit, MI

Moments after the #4/5 Michigan State Spartans were upset by the Syracuse Orange 55-53 on Sunday I sat down with the MSU Hall of Fame coach alone in his locker room.  He had answered all of the tough questions and had looked his players that he dearly loves in the eye.  This proud son of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula was spent.

Izzo had emotionally, physically and spiritually given his best group of young people from the top to bottom of his roster all that he had.  While his program had been attacked from the outside (including some of his players) and he watched one of his best friends unexpectedly resign from his job, Izzo was a rock.

He wasn’t when we sat down for this interview.  There was no Hall of Fame jacket, there was no rock.  There was the son of hard-working yoopers, the husband of Lupe and the father of Raquel and Steven.  That is the man I am proud to call my friend.

Take a moment, literally minutes after the loss to see the side of Izzo that those of us fortunate to call a friend see all the time.  There was plenty of tough questions and second-guessing after the game, but this was not that.  Spartan Nation has posted and written about those.

I encourage all fans and haters of Izzo to go behind the exterior of a driven man that has risen to the pantheon of the greatest college basketball coaches of all time and see the Tom Izzo that his players love.

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