Answering Your #4/5 Michigan State Basketball Questions and Emails…


Hondo you and Coach Tom Izzo have both said that you do not think Michigan State as a team has played its best basketball.  Is there any reason to hope that they will?  James Barnett

Of course, there is.  This is NOT a team void of talent or passion or character.  Will they?  No one knows, but you should certainly be hopeful of that.

Coach Izzo’s teams always overachieve.  Would you agree with me that this one has not?  Would you agree that if they do not do that in the dance that this is his worst coaching job?  Tim Meyer

Excuse me, but this is an absurd email.  This team can’t really overachieve.  They are an elite national title type team.  They have been at that point all season.  There are in my opinion five teams like that this year.  This has been one of Izzo’s best coaching jobs with all that he has had to deal with from the outside on his best team ever.


I recently heard Coach Izzo say, “First of all if fans are upset about four losses, they’re crazy. No insult intended. It’s just crazy. I mean, we lost to Duke early in the year. Yes, we lost to our rival twice, and they deserved to beat us, we didn’t play as well as we should.  I just think that if that’s what people expect, shame on them.”  Do you agree with him?  Marci Bright

100%.  Some fan reaction has been downright embarrassing and sad.


Hondo I know that you are a close personal friend of Izzo.  Any reason to worry that all of the ESPN/TMZ crap as you called it could make him leave at the end of the year?  Curt Schwartz

ESPN and TMZ would in no way run him out.  He is a close friend, so I am speaking ONLY FOR ME.  If anything got him to leave it would be the entitled and never satisfied fans.  Not all, but many who have taken a Michigan Football fan attitude of entitlement?  I can’t believe what Coach and players have had to read and hear from some of “Their” fans.  I would add this.  If you see on a message board or social media page people taking outlandish shots at them and you don’t speak up, you are complicit.  With the dishonest media attacks on players, coach and former players that these kids have had to answer for, you should be proud of what they did accomplish.


Hondo how good is Foster Loyer?  Will he be back from injury in time for Moneyball?  Karen Smallwood

Foster Loyer was named the Gatorade Player of the Year and won a District Championship last night.  He is on a roll for another state title.  He is doing really good and is really good.  I can’t wait to see him and Cassius Winston on the court together.


Hondo did the team do anything during this off week to relax and get their mind off of basketball?  Jenny O’lear

Yes, they did.  They watched “Hamilton: An American Musical” on Tuesday in Chicago and then watched former MSU players go at it in the NBA on Wednesday. The Bulls vs. Grizzlies. Denzel Valentine and the Chicago Bulls won 119-110 over Deyonta Davis and Memphis. 

Hondo who do you predict will be Coach Izzo’s first commit for the 2019 class?  Thank you, Mark Miller

This was hard for me, but I say, Romeo Weems.  Izzo doesn’t just want him, he craves him.  Weems loves Michigan State and this is his dream school.

Hondo, It’s concerning to me that two very important positions are the weakest defenders. Winston at the point and Bridges on a wing. Love Winston and I’m sure he is working on it, but can’t guard ANYTHING. Bridges such a good athlete, but does not guard or take out the other team’s best wing player. He has his moments like 2nd half Purdue game so I know he can do it. Love to see a zone or a Jud matchup zone when they can’t stop penetration. Love Izzo, and I know every reason why he hates zone and I agree with him. But, this year would be a great time to break it out. Might win him a championship and the change would go down in coaching history. Thoughts thank you, James Podjan

You are channeling Jud Heathcote.  I think there is merit to what you are saying, but Tom Izzo hasn’t got this far listening to me.  I think your criticism of Bridges and Winston is a little over the top, but they both can see their defensive intensity lapse at times.  Would be fun to see a zone, especially if Izzo was wearing Jud’s green coat.


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There you go, everyone.  Another week of your MSU Basketball Q and A in the books.  Make sure to send in your questions for next week.  Simply email them to and put weekly Q and A Basketball in the subject line.