Answering Your #4/5 Michigan State Basketball Questions and Emails…


Hondo I read a headline in my local paper about Michigan State surviving turmoil this season.  I don’t think you are a media slappy.  Is that fair or am I right to be angry?  Jordan Weir

I try not to get angry at things I do not control.  That said there has been some turmoil this year and most, but not all, instigated by media.  As a Spartan fan, you have EVERY RIGHT to be disgusted at sloppy and in my opinion at time slanderous and defamatory reporting.



I caught you on the radio talking about the accusations against DJ Stephens.  I am sorry, but I didn’t hear what you had to say in detail.  Could you address it in your QA, please?  Thanks, Leonard Clark

Of all the coaches on campus at Michigan State, I probably have the worst, or perhaps a better way would be the least relationship with DJ.  But I can tell you this and I would defend him to the hills on it.  DJ is loyal to Michigan State, fiercely committed to Tom Izzo and an amazing father and husband.  He is NOT a cheater or man who lacks integrity.  Whatever differences we may have, his character is NOT one of them.  If an agent approaches a coach with an offer that doesn’t make the coach guilty.  I have no doubt agents have told him what it would cost to get a player.  I have had players tell me that they wanted to come to Michigan State and that, “They won’t pay.”  That said, I do not believe DJ would do ANYTHING to embarrass or disgrace Michigan State, Coach Izzo or his wife and family.  That is NOT his character.  We may disagree or not be close, but DH is NOT a liar.


Hondo ESPN actually asked Miles Bridges in the locker room if he asked his mother if she took money?  Is that a credible question?  Give me a break.  Frank Moore

I would not as a young man that, especially after the NCAA cleared him.  Let’s leave it at that.

Hondo I read that Spartan fans at the Big Ten Tournament were chanting “Hitler” at UM’s Mo Wagner who is from Germany.  Is that true?  With the class that Indiana and Northwestern showed telling fans not to use Nassar against us, that it didn’t happen.  Kim Wright

I was there.  If I had heard that I would have videoed it and called them out.  100% lie.


Hi Hondo, something I’ve been curious about for some time — team travel?  Obviously, to play in Ann Arbor that means a bus trip, while to go to Lincoln it is done by air.  So is there a rule of thumb distance which decides whether air travel is appropriate?  I’d like to know for both FB and BB.  Also, do teams ever travel the day of their games or always the day prior?  Thanks,  Tim P   San Diego, CA

Other than Ann Arbor they fly.  Sometimes with plane issues, they bus back, but for the most part, they fly outside of visiting the Wolverines.  Teams travel the day before and come home immediately after.  Football occasionally will bus to Northwestern.


Now that we are nearing the (NCAA) tournament, what are your opinions on Delaney selling out Big Ten fans who have supported this tournament in both Chicago and Indianapolis for many years? Pushing the tournament forward a week just to play in NYC, inconveniencing Midwest fans, the heart of the Big Ten conference, to say nothing of the huge increase in lodging costs in NYC.  I say shame on you, Delaney.   John Fuzak

I love the garden.  I enjoy NYC, but it is a terrible decision for the conference, teams, players, and families.  Another Delaney decision that was not thought out and simply a display of dictatorial arrogance from leadership.  I can tell you it was despised and hated off the record from nearly every program.


Hello, Honda looking to Next year how is Braden Burke the Transfer from Robert Morris Looking. Is he a gamer? How is he doing in practice against the team this year? Will he have a role next year? Have heard nothing about his progress. Thanks, Keith Dysinger

Burke was hindered by injury this year practicing. I expect him next year to get minutes very similar to what Tom Herzog picked up in his first playing year.  He didn’t travel and with his injury didn’t practice so I just haven’t got to know him at all.



Hondo the players seem to really like Matt McQuaid and so do you.  Do they trust him as a player? I see him open sometimes and they don’t get him the ball?  Carly Pratt

They do like him and he is a great kid.  But I can tell you they trust him as much as anyone with the ball.  If fact earlier this season Miles Bridges said it best, “That’s why we call him Big Shot Quaido.” 


What bothers me is Izzo didn’t have an answer for Michigan’s defense in the 2nd half of the game. Plus only shooting 30 or 35 % didn’t help either. What’s going to happen if they go deep in the tournament meet a really decent team that defends like Michigan did? One more point, most of their shots were from the outside hardly anything inside. Jerry Kadlechik

If they face Michigan or another team deeper in the tournament they are going to have to get more aggressive and attack.  I agree about the outside shots.  This team needs to attack the rim more.  Michigan gets so many shots attacking the rim and kicking it out.  That would benefit the Spartans.


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There you go, everyone.  Another week of your MSU Basketball Q and A in the books.  Make sure to send in your questions for next week.  Simply email them to and put weekly Q and A Basketball in the subject line.