Answering your #5 Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…


Hondo with all the stuff going on is the 2019 class going to take a big hit?  You always thought this was going to be special. My hope is when school and coaches clear the air it may return to special. Your thoughts. Ray K.

I still feel it will be a superclass with the potential of being Mark Dantonio’s best.  I have seen NOTHING to sway my opinion of that.  The coaches have been very open and forthright with the players and their coaches and families.


Hondo you said before the offseason that you expected as many as five guys to transfer.  Who has left and do you expect more?  Randy Miller

Five have.  They are FR DE Darien Tipps-Clemons, SO WR Trishton Jackson, FR WR Hunter Rison, RFR QB Messiah deWeaver & FR DE Lashawn Paulino-Bell are all gone.  None of those are shockers.  I do not expect any new ones now but could see as many as four more go after the spring.


Hondo what are your expectations for this spring?  What are you looking for the most?  Cliff Williams

This is a very young team that played very well last year.  I expect the speed to improve as young players gain experience they garner more speed because they are thinking less and reacting.


Hondo do you think that Brandon Randle can move into the starting DE spot?  Chuck Fuentes

No.  He is not a linebacker right now or a full-time DE.  I see him as a situational third down guy that is cut loose with the amazing athleticism to simply go attack the football.


Hondo did Darien Tipps-Clemons leave because he was in any trouble?  Stacey Duncan

Not at all.  He is a super young man.  He loves the game of football and was a realist who looked at the current depth chart, the talent coming in and realized that he was not going to play much, if at all.  You should wish him well.  Super young person.  I don’t fault anyone who leaves because they can’t play and they love the game.



I have seen you answer this question before, but about a different subject.  Can you tell me, one player, that redshirted last year that you can’t wait to watch this spring?  M. Wright

RFR Shakur Brown.  The absolute real deal.  Not so sure I would say this summer, let’s say this entire offseason heading into fall.


Hondo my wife and I were out to dinner recently and several members of the MSU coaching staff were there.  We did not both them, but it seemed as if the group has great camaraderie.  Does that fit the narrative that you believe and how are the new guys fitting in?  Tim Price

Yes.  This is a close staff.  Don Treadwell being back is a massive blessing.  Not since Pat Narduzzi was here have the Spartans had a guy that will close the door and really speak bluntly to Coach D.  Plus Tready is a world-class person and well respected by nearly the entire staff.  Chuck Bullough has fit perfectly.  He is a fire-breathing recruiter and coach.  The players adore him, even those he does not coach.  Finally, Paul Haynes is pure class and an amazing human being.  A super recruiter and has been here before and knows that landscape.  Top to bottom there is NO DOUBT that this is Dantonio’s best staff.


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There you go, everyone.  That is your weekly MSU football questions and answers article.  Make sure you send your questions to and put in the subject line Football Q/A.  Thank you.