19 FL 5* Vernon Carey Talks Michigan State OV & More

Vernon Carey is the #1 player in the nation for the 2019 basketball recruiting class.  He is a versatile player that can do it all.  He was back on the campus of #1 Michigan State University this weekend for his official visit during the Michigan State vs. Purdue game.  Spartan Nation spoke with his family Sunday and with him EXCLUSIVELY on Monday night.

Carey made an unofficial visit last year, but this was a longer and more in-depth official visit.  So what did the young star think?  Carey told me, “The fans are amazing and great.  Just the people and everyone I met really showed me the love.

Carey is a game changer.  Great players entering college want to follow the example of the NBA and play with other good players.  No matter where Carey commits there is going to be top tier guys that would like to join him.

I asked Carey if committing before signing day so he can recruit guys to join him, wherever he goes, is important to him.  “Hopefully that can happen and people can what I can bring and join me.”

When we spoke to Carey the first time, last year before his unofficial visit, he told Spartan Nation he was thinking after next basketball season.  He said that has moved up.  “Was thinking September or October, but now I don’t know, yet?”

As far as his developing relationship with Spartan head coach Tom Izzo, Carey said, “I have a good relationship with Coach Izzo.  He is 100% honest with me.  We talked before and after the game.”

One unique thing about the visit for Carey was that he got to spend a ton of with many players already committed to Michigan State for the 2018 class.  None of those players are considered one and done guys so he would get to play with them.  Carey likes the group so that was a great thing in his eyes.

“I like all of those guys.  I played against two or three of them in (AAU) and we have just kept in touch.”

So did Carey see anything on his visit that surprised him?  He didn’t wait at all to say, “That fan base! Just the way they show the love and love Michigan State basketball.”  Carey had a front row seat for Miles Bridges game clincher but he also got to experience something else.

All night at various times the Izzone and the crowd chanted, “WE WANT VERNON” and the young burgeoning star, who is humble and not self-absorbed was very humbled, but also enjoyed it.  “I was (enjoying it).”  Is he used to it?  “Oh no, it was a special moment.  That is the only school that has done that for me so far.  That shows how really passionate they are.”

As far as other official visits, “Probably for sure UNC (North Carolina) and Duke.  But I don’t know when.”

So after his official visit is Michigan State still legitimately in the hunt?  “Yes, they are.  For sure.”

While Dane Fife is the Coach that Carey has had the most interaction with, it is a Hall of Fame head man and an entire staff of proven coaches that appeals to Carey.  He already had a solid relationship with Fife and likes Izzo, but it was a Spartan alum on staff that grabbed his attention.

Dwayne “DJ” Stephens has done a super job developing big men at MSU and getting them to the NBA.  It is something that Carey took close notice of, “I talked with Coach Stephens a lot on this visit.”  Does DJ’s proven track matter?  “Yes, it proves that he can do it.”

The Spartans are in on several top-tier players for the 2019 class.  Carey is just one of them.  A great one for sure, but this class could be the best of the Tom Izzo era.

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