Three up or down:  the three Parts of the #4/#5 Michigan State basketball that are trending up or down now.


  1. DOWN Allowing Offensive Rebounds MSU gave up 25 to Ohio state while grabbing just three. Yes, 25-3.  Tom Izzo was baffled after the game, “As far as their team: I’ve had some incredible wins and disappointing losses over my career, and I’ve had a few wins that I didn’t feel very good about. Sometimes we turn the ball over a zillion times, like at Michigan with 26 points off turnovers to our seven. That bothers you. Sometimes back in the day, you’d shoot 20 percent from the field, and that bothers you. But very seldom does one of our teams get out-worked or out-hustled the way Indiana did it. The 25-3 difference on offensive rebounds is an insult to me, my players, and anybody who ever played here, I was very disappointed in that.”
  2. UP Matt McQuaid For the second straight game “Quaido” led his team to the win. Last time it was defense and last night it was offense.  McQuaid has been a huge part of this team as they come down the February home stretch of the Big Ten.  Izzo described his play as, “McQuaid was our star tonight.”
  3. UP The SpartansMSU (22-3, 10-2 Big Ten) didn’t play their best, but at one of the most difficult places to play in America, they found a way to keep on winning.  Tom Izzo said about the “silver lining” of a good team finding a way to win when they aren’t playing well.  “To find a way to win on the road against a team that took Purdue right to the wire, took Duke right to the wire, and the place was hopping here tonight. I think that’s an accomplishment. We had a 10-point lead most of the game but didn’t do any of the little things we needed to do to go on and be a great team. This program has been built on heart and toughness, and tonight we weren’t the tougher team. I’m going to try to take the blame for that myself, and maybe we’ll get to bring the shoulder pads out again or something fun, have a little fun with our guys.”


EXTRA POINT:  Don’t overreact with the play of Miles Bridges.

Miles Bridges had eight points, seven rebounds, and three assists.  While those are good numbers for mortals, the expectations are for more than that with the Spartan star.  Izzo talked about Bridges and his “off” night.

“Miles has had five big games in a row where he has, for the most part, played very well. Tonight he starts out and scores five points early; but for the first time I was a little disappointed in Miles in the rebounding part and a lot of different parts. He gets eight rebounds, but no offensive rebounds. I don’t know, maybe we are a little tired. We’ve had a rough stretch here of games, some of them close together, and we’ve been on the road a little bit more and we’re back on the road on Tuesday. I need him to be more into it but it wasn’t his lack of motivation. They just did a good job and we did a poor job of putting him in a position to score. As always, it’s not all his fault; his fault is every loose ball that was there, we didn’t get any of them. I don’t think we got any of them. That’s our fault. Some of the things offensively are probably my fault.”

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