East Lansing

Yesterday, Michigan State University Trustee Joel Ferguson went on a local Lansing radio show and in the opinion of this reported mocked any thought that the NCAA would investigate how the University handled the Dr. Larry Nassar scandal.  It was ignorance of the real scope of the present scandal and at worst it was plain cold blooded lack of compassion and empathy for those hurt.

Shortly after his interview the NCAA, being almost mocked, sent a letter to the University that yes, indeed they were going to investigate. YOU CAN READ ABOUT RIGHT HERE FOM THE NEW YORK TIMES.

So moments ago Spartan Athletic Director Mark Hollis issues this statement:

“Since my first day on the job as athletic director, my focus has always been on the student-athlete. They are at the core of our athletic department mission statement. Our first priority has always been and will always be their health and safety. In regards to the letter we received from the NCAA last night, the athletic compliance and university general counsel offices are preparing a comprehensive response. Michigan State University will cooperate with any investigation.”

–Mark Hollis, MSU Athletic Director

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