The War Room:  Go Inside #15 Michigan State Football

I get a lot of nuggets and information that alone are not big enough for a story.  When I have a few that I can assemble together I will, and when I only have one or two I will post them as premium content on our Phalanx Forum board.  So welcome to The War Room.

  • Mark Dantonio has reached out to Archie Collins and informed him that he did not get the Michigan State job.
  • As Spartan Nation FIRST reported, Paul Haynes is expected to be hired. I expect an announcement from Coach Dantonio later this week or early next.
  • Spartan Nation was also the FIRST to report that Don Treadwell has been hired. Speculation in the athletic department is that Dantonio will either announce Haynes first or announce together.
  • Dantonio would like to hire a DE coach now. There was some speculation that he could reassign both DE and DL to Ron Burton, but at the moment, it is believed that he will hire a DE coach.  As with anything that could change, but as of 3:18 PM this afternoon that is the plan.
  • Tim Daoust is the DC at Western Michigan. According to WMU, he has coached also at Central Michigan, Cincinnati, Illinois State, and Northern Illinois.  He was a GA for Dantonio at Cincinnati. He has interviewed with Dantonio about the DE coaching job. (This is a nugget previously shared)
  • Daoust had an excellent interview. He was a good fit and knows and grasps the concepts Dantonio espouses.
  • Chuck Bullough is going to get an interview. Spartan Nation was first to report it and I expect it no later than the end of the weekend, if not sooner.    I want to make this clear. I am close to the Bullough family personally and I HAVE PURPOSELY avoided Chuck during this process.  No information I am reporting has IN ANY WAY come from or has been confirmed by him.
  • Bullough would be a homerun hire. He has the passion and intensity of Pat Narduzzi with great coaching ability and teaching talent and is a blood and guts old-school football guy.  Many have thought that the loss of Narduzzi left a vacuum of the passion and outward expression.  Bullough fills that instantaneously.
  • With the hiring of Haynes and Treadwell and the possibility of Bullough or Daoust is a very big deal. Haynes and Treadwell are both former coordinators and head coaches and Daoust is currently a DC and Bullough was one.  While the loss of Harlon was big, adding Haynes and Treadwell and Bullough or Daoust (Or another candidate) is a big upgrade to the staff.
  • Spartan Nation has learned that along with Daoust and Bullough Mark Dantonio will interview a third candidate.
  • ‘18 FL DE Habakkuk “HABA” Baldonado the DE coming in this weekend for an official visit is a big target for MSU.  He is the real deal with an unbelievable motor.  While not the size of Ndamukong Suh and not the technique yet (came from Italy with little American Football experience) according to one Florida source, “He has the motor of Suh and you can’t teach that.  If a kid has that you know he has the work ethic to get to the size and the ability to learn it.”
  • I wrote previously that he is from Italy and the Spartans are spending thousands of dollars to fly his mother here from Italy so she can be on his official visit. That alone has blown Haba away.
  • Haba told me, “Some places talk about being family, but Michigan State proved it by bringing my mother there for my visit. I am so thankful.”
  • I am told that UCLA has, “No interest” in Hunter Rison. Rison had told several teammates that he wanted to go there, according to multiple teammates.
  • East Mississippi Community College could be called MSU south by the time next season rolls around.
  • Where are all the “geniuses” calling out MSU C Brian Allen? He is at the senior bowl and just killing it.  NFL Network talked about it in an article, but I talked with three scouts there who all raved about his ability to lead and get guys on the line in the right spots.  One said, “I saw him today doing what a great center does.  He snapped a ball early when a DE went offsides and helped out a QB who was completely (expletive) clueless.  Someone will pick him.  He can play in this league.  ”

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