Duffy Daugherty Football Building

East Lansing, MI


Moments ago new Michigan State DB Coach Paul Haynes spoke to a small group of media here at the Michigan State Football Complex, The Duffy Daugherty Building.  He was terrific.


For those that do not remember, Haynes was on staff here at Michigan State before.  Many believe (this reporter included) that Haynes was a bright star on a much-challenged staff.  This was a homerun hire by the Spartans.


Spartan Nation broke the story that Haynes was a candidate for the job the day that Harlon Barnett left.  We also were the first to report that he had been hired.  Through the process, we told you how Haynes, when he came to campus one week ago, wowed the staff in his interview.  In this video, we ask him about that and much more.


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