Duffy Daugherty Football Building

East Lansing, MI


Moments ago, Mark Dantonio, the head coach of the #15 Michigan State Spartans spoke at the Michigan High School Football Coaches Association.  Afterward, he took a few moments to talk to a small group of reporters at the event.


In this press conference, Dantonio gave several pieces of new information and confirmed MULTIPLE stories that Spartan Nation has broken.  Some of those confirmed stories are:

  • Paul Haynes has been hired as the new defensive backs coach.
  • We also reported that he would announce the Haynes hire prior to Don Treadwell. Spartan Nation expects the Treadwell announcement on Monday or Tuesday.
  • Mark Hollis has not only provided the resources to hire a 10th coach as the NCAA now allows but that he has given Dantonio more money to give raises to the current staff.
  • Another transfer. This time Lashawn Paulino-Bell.  Spartan Nation had previously reported that five players were considering transferring and that we did not expect Paulino-Bell not to return.
  • Spring Football will start in February as it did last year.


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