Answering Your #9 Michigan State Basketball Questions and Emails…


I loved your podcast talking about the entire 2019 Tom Izzo recruiting targets.  I know that Vernon Carey is the number one player in the nation, but after listening to that podcast I am convinced the Spartans have a real chance.  Any new good news?  Josh Peterson

Carey is the number one player in the nation.  He has set his official visit for February 10-11.  He recently said, “I’ll probably make a decision in August or September.”  He also acknowledged that Coach “Izzo loves me.”  It is far from done and there isn’t a true leader.  The Spartans are in it.


Hondo I love and appreciate Miles Bridges for what he has done.  I am glad he is here and in no way wish him well.  I actually feel bad for him.  I think Miles has probably dropped out of the first round and Jaren Jackson out of the lottery. Their fall from grace has me feeling bad for them. I feel worse for them.  Phillip Flagg

I respect your concern for the young men.  The CBS mock draft has at No. 8 Miles Bridges going to the Suns and at No. 9 Jaren Jackson going to the Bulls. is one of the best mock drafts and they have at No. 7 Jaren Jackson going to the Bulls and at No. 13 Miles Bridges to the Sixers.  I hardly consider this a, “fall from Grace.”


Hey Hondo, I owe you an apology.  Right after Kyle Ahrens was injured you reported that he was going to redshirt.  I sent you several emails mocking you because the other media said he was not or no decision was made. My brother in law even sent you an email that you used in a questions article calling you out and you doubled down.  Well, today I open the newspaper and low and behold Ahrens is redshirting.  So I am sorry for being a jerk, but I have a different question.  Why don’t people now credit you for having it right all along?  Frank Stephens

Frank, I learned a long time ago that I can’t be responsible for what others report or say.  I can only control what I report and at the end of the day over a long career, you hope people remember that.  Thank you for the apology.  That says more about your character than “mocking” emails. 


Hondo what is the biggest thing that sticks out to you about Indiana tonight?  John Reid

They lack defensive intensity.  At times they almost seemed bothered to have to play it.  I have seen them at times look like an NBA All-Star game in which they will let you score because they just want to get back on offense.  They will see this as their Super Bowl so do not expect that from them tonight.


Hondo can this rough spot help the team?  I would love your insider thoughts.  Chuck B.

It can and Izzo addressed that earlier this week.  “I think adversity can help you a lot. I think kids look at the film a little different. If I had to say one thing, and this is, I told my team this, so I’ll tell you this. I don’t think we got cocky. I don’t think we have those kinds of guys. I don’t. Do I think that maybe I overestimated good people from complacency? Maybe a little bit, you know? And then, do I think that – I looked at my team as good team, but I looked at 10, 12 other good teams. I knew the youth would be a factor, and if you went back and looked at your stuff I think I brought that up at the beginning of the year.”


Is it just me or has Tom Izzo changed?  I think in the past he might have been more angry or upset.  He seems to be guiding this team through the turbulence.  I really like the new Izzo and that is why I am firmly convinced this is a bump in the road.  Andy Anderson

I call it evolved and yes he has.  In fact, he admitted it this week, “I think I’ve evolved and learned how to. I don’t think I like it. I don’t think I like to do that, but when I went in the hall of fame, it didn’t say up there, you know, are you more patient? Are you more, you’re in the hall of fame because you’re softer, you know. Those things, it’s very hard to tell players, media, parents, my wife, you know, it’s very hard to tell people that times change. But to be successful at the level you want to be successful, whether, in your job or my job, things don’t change a lot.”


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