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Hondo I just read your latest from the Thomas Kithier case.  Can you share what is next or when the judge could rule in his favor?  You have had the most amazing coverage of media outlet on this.  Thank you, Mike Vogl

Thank you, Mike.  The MHSAA will hear the FINAL appeal of Thomas on January 10.  As you know from my previous reporting there were FIVE players that transferred from Dakota.  However when nearly half the team leaves isn’t fair to call it a defection?  The four other players (not counting Kithier) are eligible to return on January 15.  According to the Ven Johnson who is one of Kithier’s two attorneys (Steve Fishman is the other), “We would hope the court would hear our request after the tenth and before the 15th.”


Good morning Hondo.  You wrote something about recruiting recently that I didn’t understand.  I apologize if this isn’t completely accurate but you said to recruits “You pick your school, don’t let the school pick you.”  Can you explain that?  Shane Gettes

Sure I can Shane.  I know players in football and basketball that wanted to come to Michigan State.  In both sports, I know guys who had handlers or coached convince them NOT to commit to Michigan State when offered.  Despite the player knowing that MSU was their dream school and they wanted to be a Spartan.  Some are told they owe to their other teammates to wait to commit so coaches will see the other players when they come to scout them, some simply for the attention.  I know of players in both sports that had other players commit because the MSU coaches weren’t going to wait when they had a player of equal or better talent that was ready to commit.  I feel bad for some of these young people that get used by adults and lose out.  I will add one story (and I have several) of a kid from Ohio.  He had loved MSU.  Badly wanted to come here, but was “advised” to wait to get attention for other kids in his school.  Another player came along and took the scholarship and when he called MSU, they informed him sorry.  We wanted you, but not now.  That is why I always echo what a legend in the sports world told me, “Pick your school before your school picks you.”


Hondo I loved your interview with Josh Langford about his really coming on.  What is his mindset like now that he is on a roll?  Chris S.

Chris, it is better than I have seen since high school.  Joshua is such a special person and human that it is fun to see.  He told Spartan Nation after the last game, “You see all the great guards throughout basketball; they’ve all been two-way players.  Klay Thompson, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant. Those guys are great two-way players. That’s what I want to become.”



Hondo I loved your interviews after practice this week and one really stood out to me.  You talked with Josh Langford about his resurgence.  Was it something that Tom Izzo told him?  Was it self-motivation?  What flipped the switch?  Gus V

Tom Izzo spelled it out pretty clear, “His mission was to be more like a Gary Harris, play both ends of the court.”  He is accomplishing his mission.



Hondo was there anything that really stood out for you from the Cleveland State game?  Seed almost like a waste of time.  Aaron Welch

There was and it came from Cleveland State Coach Dennis Felton.  He said ”We’ll make Michigan State basketball a case study for ourselves as we work towards building a championship-caliber program ourselves, and what better way to come up here and experience it for ourselves?  And they made sure we experienced it – probably a little more than I needed.”  Coach Felton praised the way Izzo has built his program, and in frank honesty acknowledge the thorough butt whipping that came with a first-hand view.



Hondo is this the best Michigan State offensive team of all time?  Seth Wright

With MSU’s fourth consecutive game scoring more than 100 points, breaking a streak the Spartans had accomplished in 2004-05 was a big deal.  But let’s also wait a minute and see how the season pans out.  Best ever?  Too early to tell.  One of the best? Without a doubt.



Hondo I say that Ben Carter didn’t play.  Is he in trouble?  Ken Gill

Ben Carter sat out after suffering a sprained ankle during Michigan State’s practice. He will be back shortly.  Why assume he was in trouble?



Aaron Henry had 49 points in the Manual Extravaganza. They lost to Hamilton Heights Christian but he was a machine.  You said he was a steal for this class and after seeing him in person I agree.  Barb Longoria

He is a special player.  MSU was fortunate to land him and he will be an immediate impact player.  Very similar to Denzel Valentine and Gary Harris.


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There you go, everyone.  Another week of your MSU Basketball Q and A in the books.  Make sure to send in your questions for next week.  Simply email them to and put weekly Q and A Basketball in the subject line.