Answering your #16 Michigan State Football Questions


Hondo you had reported before that you knew of as many as five players considering transferring and that one would be a surprise.  Was Messiah deWeaver the surprise and does that number remain the same now?  Peggy Orchard

Messiah’s decision to leave was not a surprise.  Yes, I know of five players (Including Messiah) that were considering a transfer.  That has not changed.  One would be a shock to the public, the others would not.  Nothing has changed.  Again, there is no reason to report names until the make the actual decision to leave.


I heard you call Mark Dantonio’s reign at Michigan State “dominant” on the radio.  While I accept that he has been good, how can you say dominant?  Chris F.

Michigan State has won 13 of its last 21 games against AP Top 25 teams.  Dantonio has also won eight of the last 10 tilts with Michigan.  His time at MSU has been dominant.



I do not understand something.  IF you are not participating in the college football playoff what good can come of a postseason game?  It seems like nothing more than a waste to get excited or depressed over.  Carol Clarke

I think a lot can happen especially in the future.  Brian Lewerke did a terrific job in my opinion after the win over Washington State explaining this when he said, “We can build off momentum that this game brings us, and with a lot of young guys, a lot of work to be done and a lot of potential to be reached.”


Hondo I love Coach Dantonio.  He has been great for us.  Is there one thing about him and his style that you think fans miss as it relates to his success?  Brian Horner

I can answer this from many angles as Mark is not only a coach I cover but a personal friend.  But if you reduce it to the lowest common denominator it would be easy.  Going back to his years as a defensive back at South Carolina he has a very short memory.  Very short.  He doesn’t linger too long on success or failure.  Here is a terrific example to that from moments after the Holiday Bowl win.  “I would like to say we’re back, but 2018 is around the corner. So you can’t say that because you’ve got to start proving yourself all over again.”


Hondo Kirk Herbstreit said this after Michigan State won the Holiday Bowl, “Congrats on a great turnaround this year Sparty!!! Great to see that winning attitude back in East Lansing. Dino has done an incredible job up there. Next year could be even better. Congrats!!”  Why is he calling us the dog from the Flintstones?  Is this another dig at us from ESPN?  Paul Black.

No Paul that is NOT a dig or slam of Michigan State.  Dino is Dantonio’s longtime nickname.  It was a sincere appreciation from Herbstreit to Coach D.

Hondo the morning of the Holiday Bowl I was so thrilled to see your report about LJ Scott returning to MSU.  Later he said it.  Now can you tell us how you knew?  Thank you for all the inside access and taking fans, better than anyone inside Spartan athletics.  Mark Thomas

I could tell you, but I will not.  I knew for about two weeks before I said anything.  I was told I could give my thoughts that morning (as I did) and after the game if he wasn’t asked to ask him in the locker room.  When he said “Yeah, I’ll be back next year,” he confirmed our report.  But I add this.  Had he said he was leaving I would have understood people being disappointed, but he would have been fine.  I heard a lot of rumors that were crap, but when a kid leaves via transfer, going to the pros or whatever else he chooses people should respect that.  You do not always have to agree or understand, but people make their own life choices for their own reasons.


Hondo with so many teams struggling when they go across the country no matter east to west or west to east, is there a reason it doesn’t seem to bother the Spartans?  Keith Buxton

The Spartans are 6-1 in bowl games in the state of California.  I agree Keith, that is an amazing fact.  A big reason is that MSU has figured out a formula for travel, rest and adjustment to the time difference.  Something most pro teams do not adjust too properly in my opinion.


I was thrilled to watch the video at after the game where you asked Chris Frey about his devotion to Coach D.  Thank you for that touching moment.  I am sure it meant the world to him.  Marjorie W.

It wasn’t just devotion Marjorie.  Chris desperately wanted to get this program back on track.  This entire past offseason and season he echoed that to me.  When I asked him after the game he said, “Last season, everybody doubted Coach.  We stuck with him, and one season isn’t going to change who he is or the way he treats his team. For us to come out this year and give him back the program to where we believe it should be, it’s huge for this team moving forward and even bigger for him.”  Frey was on a mission more for Dantonio that himself.  That should really demonstrate to you the bond he has with Coach D.


Hondo is there a concern with this electric Holiday Bowl win that the guys will linger for too long in the past and maybe be flat next year?  Todd Hoover

Nope.  I will give you one quote from Felton Davis III (FD3) and it was one of many just like lit. He told Spartan Nation right after the game, “We had a lot of unfinished business to take care of.”  In fact, I mentioned to one coach that I was concerned that they wouldn’t enjoy the win over Washington State enough.


Hondo I was moved by your Tweet about Damion Terry being one of your all-time favorite people and how happy you were to see him score.  It meant a lot to see Coach Dantonio call that play for him.  Thank you.  Christine Baughman

While the play was called to give the QB a chance, technically it wasn’t only for Terry.  He told Spartan Nation after the game “They called the play and I’d ran it before.  I kind of told the running back, ‘I’m not pitching it, I’m going to score.'”  It was great to see that from him and while I am not sure what you saw on TV, his teammates were thrilled for him.


Hondo I do not want to make too much out of LJ Scott returning, but I also do not want to miss anything significant.  I might be jaded by the fumbles.  Is it really a big deal?  Zachary Curtis

It is very big for MSU, but I think Coach Dantonio explained it best.  He said, “I think (Scott) could be a tremendous tailback, a guy that we can hand the ball to 250 times and do great things, much like when Shilique Calhoun and Connor Cook made the decision to come back.   They followed with a ring, a Big Ten championship ring and I think those things become possible. We have an established tailback coming back and he’s a special player.”


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