Answering your #16 Michigan State Football & Recruiting Questions Pre-Holiday Bowl



Starting outside receivers Tavares Martin Jr. and Isaiah Johnson-Mack the starters for Washington State at WR are out.  How big is this?  Chris Baker

It is a very big deal. With nearly 10 receivers that have had significant catches, I do not think it is the end of the world for the Cougars, but a big hit.  That will impact timing for the QB.



The Buckeyes signed just four players from our home state.  Is that a sign that they are losing touch in Ohio?  Charles in Cleveland

Losing touch would be too strong in my words, but it used to be MSU went to Ohio and hoped to get the kids they wanted unless OSU offered.  MSU had multiple players OSU kicked the tires on after they committed to MSU and they wouldn’t give Urban Meyer or the Buckeyes the time of day.  I also had had MULTIPLE Ohio high school coaches bemoan to me personally how “The Bucks ignore in-state kid for kids out of state.”  That will hurt down the road. It certainly did this year as well.  Great question Charles!



Hondo when I read in the paper that Dantonio said, “We had some other guys that wanted to commit.”  I immediately thought back to what you have been reporting for a long time.  Your competition didn’t credit you, but I will.  Rebekah in East Lansing

Thank you for noticing.  He did say it and we reported it back in early October.  This was a great class for MSU.



Hondo I really like the Muskegon OL Anthony Bradford.  Where do things stand with him in your opinion?  Mark Clifton

MSU has been on him for a long time.  They would love to add him to the mix.  2019 is shaping up right now (Spartan Nation first said this in October) to be the best class of the Dantonio era.  He would be a great add on the offensive line.  They have room for him.


Most popular Spartan?  Who do you think that is with the fans in general and on the team Hondo?  Brent Graham

No doubt Joe Bachie.  His teammates love him, the fans love him and you can already pencil him in as a captain next season.



Hondo I was reading a fan site that had Andrew Maxwell listed as the most underproductive player in the Mark Dantonio era.  Do you agree?  If not who would you give the award to?  Kirsten Wirth

No, I do not agree.  Malik McDowell was not only unproductive based on talent, he was the single worst addition in the Dantonio era that came with massive warning signs that were completely ignored.  His talent to production was absurd.  His career at MSU, in my opinion, was an unmitigated disaster.



People (rightly) credit Tum Tum Nairn for turning around what became a toxic culture in the basketball program.  It seems like MSU football is showing signs of turning around what became a toxic culture.  What player – or players – would you say have been most instrumental in doing that?  Andy Lehman

This is a great question.  There are three specific players and one group of players.  First Chris Frey and Brian Allen.  They had some VERY unpopular opinions early in the season and offseason.  They refused to back down on what they believed and I thought they had possibly ruined their chances to be captain.  Both young men spoke the real truth (as they felt it) and their teammates honored them for not trying to be popular, but trying to have convictions and they were rewarded as captains.  Gerald Holmes was amazing as well.  He was a superior leader and a man of great character.  Lastly this freshman class.  They came in like Joe Bachie last year.  No fanfare, no diva, and no hype.  They worked and listened and WON the respect of the older players.  Every freshmen class takes their share of grief from older players and this one is no exception.  What I will tell you is that I have NEVER seen a freshmen class get the respect from the other players as this one has.



Hondo I loved your analysis of why Mark Dantonio and Michigan State loved the early signing period.  So why would you think Urban Meyer and Nick Saban hate it?  Alex Creighton.

No offense, but I do not care.  I cover Michigan State.  My answer would be a guess and I try to keep this reporting and not guessing.


Hondo I loved your interview Cass Tech RB Jaren Mangham.  What is your read, do we get him?  Brian Miller

Yes, I do.  Not a done deal, but I do think at this point he will come to Michigan State.  Thank you for watching.



Hondo I was really excited to hear your interview and then read the article with Adam Berghorst.  If we already have Spencer Brown and want Devontae Dobbs would MSU take all three?  Ken Gorman

Yes, they would at this point.  If he waits a long time, they may not, but right now yes.



Did you see former UM Amani Toomer compares Jim Harbaugh to Paris Hilton?  Almost as good as your takedown on the radio in the D.  Good work, Jeff Lindeman

I saw that but didn’t hear it.  Thank you for listening and the kind words.  I didn’t take Harbaugh down.  I spoke the truth and said I respect him.


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