Andrew Dowell and David Dowell owe a lot of their success to the custodians that work in the Michigan State Football Facility. No one arguing about NCAA football lines would have guessed that the twins spent so much time practicing in late night sessions.  It is a testimony to their work ethic.

Where other freshmen might have snuck into buildings for purposes of mischief, the twins are usually there to lift weights and study film. The Dowells know many of the Michigan State Football Facility custodians by name because of all the assistance they have given the twins since they were freshmen.

For the Dowells, the key to success lies in going above and beyond what they have been asked to do. For the twins, preparation has been crucial in fast-tracking their careers. Andrew Dowell had 22 tackles and one fumble recovery in the 13 games in which he participated last season.

Andrew has never shied away from seeking assistance where necessary; ever since his days in high school, Andrew has always understood the importance of knowing the right people, the ones with all the keys, through whose help he could get the additional preparation he required.

Nothing has changed since then; sure, it is summer, but the Dowells still have to sneak into the football facility. The twins work as landscapers. With the locker room already closed by the time they get back home, they have no other choice but to rely on the custodians.

The brothers have one phone number that they know they can call anytime they need to get into the football facility. A lot of Andrew’s playing time has been on special teams (this as opposed to his brother who redshirted last year).

Some people might remember him for two of the three tackles he made which came on kickoff coverage during the game against Penn State in November. Andrew is determined to keep building upon the noticeably decent performances he has already turned in; this means pushing himself harder during late night practice sessions.

Andrew recognizes that he is a playmaker and that he can make plays; the support and encouragement he receives from his teammates helps. Mike Tressel, the defensive coordinator, in particular, has been heard reminding Andrew that he can make plays and could make better use of his athletic abilities.

Jon Reschke and Riley Bullough, who is a fifth-year senior are solidified as the starters at LB. Chris Frey has the inside track for the other starting spot, tut he will have a lot of fight in him to get reps. Chris Frey better recognize that Dowell will push him for the starting role.

And don’t forget should Ed Davis receive word that he has met his academic requirements for a sixth season, Andrew will have a real fight on his hands to get on the field.  According to Dantonio we should know the status of Davis tomorrow.

But that is why Andrew is working so hard. He knows that he has to compensate for the experience many of his colleagues have; sufficing to say, he is going to spend many more nights lifting weights and watching film.