Duffy Daugherty Football Building

East Lansing, MI

If I have told you all once, I have told you one thousand times that Mark Dantonio won’t lie. He isn’t a liar. He may leave out details, but he simply doesn’t lie. That is why people fail when they don’t listen to every word he says.

So yesterday at practice I asked Dantonio after watching and reviewing the film from Saturday’s practice, where has there been the most movement on the depth chart. His answer was very deep and detailed.

“That would take a while. I don’t know. We have got our guys. We have a deep football team that is what I will say. There is not a lot of difference between the 1’s and the 3’s in some areas because we are a little bit inexperienced in certain positions, but we have players back, but at the same time, when you look at our freshman class, they just need reps. There are talented players there. Very talented, but they need reps. We are one week in and when you see a guy walking down the hallway, he has practiced here eight days. It seems like a long time to them, but in reality it’s a short time. It’s a short window. I’m trying to think of particular people. I think our tight ends are set. I think running backs are set. I think our quarterbacks, there is a little movement there, but again, we are into the second week now, so they will see more things and we will scrimmage a little bit more this week.”

So has there been anything special at QB? He admitted there has been. “I think there is a little bit of movement. I think you see the two older guys separate a little bit this past scrimmage. That isn’t to say those other guys won’t have a great week this week. So, it is a little bit hard there.”

Dantonio continued in great detail, “I think our wide receiver situation is good. It’s good. With the addition of our four young players who are all good players, it is developing. It will be a strength on our football team for years to come I think. “Our secondary is deep and guys are playing themselves into position to be starters. Really, the safeties, we have four or five safeties that can play. Defensive line… a lot of moving pieces. That is probably the biggest place where you see, other than a couple of guys like (DT) Malik (McDowell) and ‘Coop’ (DE Demetrius Cooper) and (DL) Raequan Williams, who is going to be that fourth guy is a little bit up in the air. (DT) Kevin Williams has had a solid week. But, you also see some guys like (DL) Gerald Owens playing okay. There are some different things we can do in there. (DE) Evan Jones has been solid. There are some different things we can do in there as far as changing those things up. (TR) Gabe Sherrod – you can see him playing and tell he is an older player. Our young players are very talented there, they just have to know what to do. (DT Mike) Panasiuk has been strong at the point of attack. A lot of players up there.”

And finally he added, “Good things are happening on the offensive side of the ball. I guess I already talked about everyone on the offensive line. I think our offensive line is, again, a solid five. There is a lot of moving pieces there in terms of who is going to be those next three.”

The good thing about Dantonio is that we now know there has been a lot of movement around the depth chart. We just don’t know all the specifics of who. That is intriguing and I will have more details on these moves for you.

It’s camp time people, only 17 days until kickoff.