As football camps open around the nation on Saturday for the start of the football season there is a lot of talk and chatter about who is number one and speculation from talking heads abounds.  That is why I trust only a few key people when I analyze and develop my opinions.  One area I like to look at is what Vegas thinks.  Although I don’t always agree, millions of dollars changes hands and these people aren’t rooting for one team or another, to them it is all about money.  Often you find them more impartial than anyone.

Tim Tolman from The Saturday Edge is considered one of the premiere leaders and each and every season he puts out a 100% free Big Ten Betting Prospectus that is universally lauded.  So as the Spartans approach the season I took time to analyze the Spartans, but also to take a long look at what Tolman thinks about the entire Big Ten.  He was very thorough and impartial.  YOU CAN CLICK HERE TO GET HIS 100% FREE PROSPECTUS, but a few things stood out to me.

  1. Tolman thinks that Damion Terry is in the hunt for the starting job.  That is only the case if O’Connor should sustain injury, but even the consensus in the program is if O’Connor goes down long term, RSF Brian Lewerke is the guy.
  2. I totally agree with him that people don’t talk enough about the how the offense took a step back last season falling to 12th running the ball.
  3. I love the details that get digs in deep for.  While we may disagree on win projections, this is the best unbiased look I have seen.