The NFL Washington Redskins were impressed enough with Kirk Cousins and his performance last year to pay him  guaranteed $19.95 MILIION DOLLARS for the 2016 season.  They weren’t willing to give him a long term $44 MILLION dollar deal that he wanted for a long term agreement. No one was right or wrong, it was simply a game of high stakes poker and one of the two parties is going to be the big winner.

While some say the Skins have been financially prudent trying to see more of a sample of success from the Spartan gunslinger, some think it is the opposite.  Including wildly successful NFL pundit Mike Florio from Pro Football Talk.  He thinks, “Washington’s plan for Kirk Cousins is simple: Keep him and look for someone else.”  We at Spartan Nation certainly wish Kirk continued success.  You can watch the video and read what Florio thinks WHEN YOU CLICK RIGHT HERE.

Yes I did say $44 MILLLLIIIOOOONNNNN Dollars.