South Point is one of the most recognized and respected betting establishments in Las Vegas.  They recently came out with the odds for winning the Big Ten title in 2016 and shockingly they had the Spartans with the 5th best chance this season.  They had the Buckeyes of Ohio State first with 6-5 odds followed by the Michigan Wolverines at 8-5.  Thirdly they had Iowa at 6-1 and fourthly Nebraska at 7-1.  The Spartan didn’t even show up until fifth at 10-1.

So is the reality or disrespect?  It is important to remember that Vegas sets the odds to get people to bet, not based on what they think, so if one fan base (cough cough….Michigan and Ohio State) is highly optimistic they will place the odds at a place they are hoping to get the betting as close to even as possible.