Kirk Cousins has taken the NFL by storm since he left Michigan State as an ICONIC player and person.  Now that he has secured the helm of the NFL’s Washington Redskins, he is showing off some of that MOJO he was famous for in East Lansing.

He said in an interview recently:

“My wife has said to me before, ‘I want to see a Michigan State Kirk that was more intense and more sure of himself and more confident,’ ” Cousins told Cole. “I told her it takes time. That side of me came out late in my college career when I had been around the block and had proven myself and was pretty confident with what I could do and what I have done. I knew that there were times early in my career, year one, year two, year three even where I wasn’t there yet. So maybe that moment in the Bucs game was a moment when I had started to get to where I wanted to be as far as learning how to play the position of a quarterback in the NFL, and that side of me started to come out.”

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