While the Big Ten is considering the possibility of leaving ESPN for other networks as they search for the most lucrative TV rights deals, the four letter network just handed out some big time respect for the Spartan head man Mark Dantonio.  In an off season that has seen UM head coach Jim Harbaugh gobble up headlines and Urban Meyer and the Ohio State Buckeyes rack up accolades, ESPN names Dantonio as the #1 most stable coaching situation in the Big Ten.

Teams have tried to get Dantonio to leave East Lansing and he has stayed put.  His staff is incredibly loyal and the administration has put the money into the program to sustain success.  That is why ESPN said, “…there’s no reason to buy into the notion that MSU is going to fall off because of its ability to identify hidden recruiting gems and excel in development.”  You can read the ENTIRE ESPN article WHEN YOU CLICK RIGHT HERE.