Former Michigan State running back Jeremy Langford’s amazing rookie season in the NFL last year has a backup saw him garner 800 yards of total offense!  An amazing stat.  In fact when you think about great NFL backfields you think about the Bears.  With those numbers Langford joined an exclusive Bear fraternity with Gale Sayers and Walter Payton as the only Bears rookies since  the early sixties to run for touchdowns in four straight NFL games.

Langford was so good that the Bears let veteran RB Matt Forte go as a free agent.  So while they wonder how they will distribute the reps in Chicago, Langford informed the NFL via ESPN that he wants to be the Bears leader.  He said to ESPN, “But this year, it’s really just trying to become more of a leader at the position, being a running back in Chicago. Being more of a leader and really just not being that secondary guy. Acting like more of a veteran and know the whole offense. I learned a lot from Forte, being the guy he was, so you ain’t got to be a hoo-rah guy all the time. Being a young player, it’s just being in the right place at the right time and doing what you got to do. Really helping younger guys coming in, or even the guys following you, being a leader by example.”

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