Whether or not you like or dislike gambling it is as much a part of our cultures as games themselves.  It is intertwined within our society in such a way that now people can bet on things as far and wide as politics and who will be the next President to how a coin will land on heads to tails.  It is amazing.

Well as the Michigan State Spartans enter into the 10th season with Mark Dantonio at the helm of the Spartan Nation, the Spartans are coming in with some big love by betters.  MSU has the 11th best odds to winning the 2016 national title, per Vegas Insiders.  Vegas Insiders has the Spartans at 28-1 odds to win College Football’s high prize.

Interestingly enough, the same site has two other Big Ten teams ranked higher than the Spartans.  Ohio State is tied for first with odds of 8-1 and stunningly the Michigan Wolverines are rated as 10-1.  You can read the entire list WHEN YOU CLICK RIGHT HERE.