East Lansing, Mich. — Michigan State wrapped up its 2016 season on Sunday at the Big Ten Championships in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Spartans finished seventh.
With the championship schedule cut in half due to strong winds on Saturday. racing was reduced to eight-boat finals that started at 7 am on Sunday morning.  The schedule began with varsity eights, moved through three boat classes of fours, and completed with two novice eight races.
“We raced fairly well, we just werent fast enough,” said head coach Matt Weise.  “I’m disappointed with the result, but certainly not with how they raced or the effort that our athletes put in.  They have learned how to push their own limits.
“I think that the future is so bright with so many young athletes in our top boats,” continued the head coach  “It gives us a different starting point in the fall from where we started this year, and that’s going to be important.   We lose some quality seniors – not only good rowers, but good people – but the strides we made this season are important for the future of our program.”
Senior varsity eight coxswain Julianne Calzonetti was named to the All-Big Ten first team, while junior Brook Edgar earned second-team honors.  Senior Joanna Beaton, who rowed in the second varsity eight, was the Sportsmanship Award winner for the Spartans.
Ohio State captured its unprecedented fourth team championship, capturing wins in the first varsity eight, second varsity eight, first varsity four and third varsity four races.  The Buckeyes matched MSU’s record with four straight gold medals in the varsity eight, a stretch from 2008-11 where the Spartans also won team championships in 2008 and 2009.
There was some quality racing at the Indianapolis Rowing Center, as the varsity eight race kicked things off with a photo finsh, as the Buckeyes (6:22.722) edged Michigan by .052, as the Wolverines clocked in a time of 6:22.794.Indiana and Iowa were racing for a fourth-place finish, as the Hoosiers (6:35.421).  The third battle waged was that for sixth, but MSU came out on the short end of that one, clocked in 6:42.309, eight-tenths of a second behind Minnesot (6:41.535).
MSU also took seventh in the second varsity eight, this time open water behind the Gophers in sixth place – the Spartans recorded a time of 6:56.150.  Ohio State took that race in 6:24.430, open water ahead of Wisconsin (6:30.012).
In the fours, MSU took seventh place in each race.  In the first four, the Spartans finished in a time of 7:41.863, open water ahead of Rutgers in eighth.  The second four was clocked in 7:57.330.
MSU’s novice eight had a rough outing, finishing fifth after entering the day as the second seed.  Wisconsin won the race in a time of 6:45.126, a half-length ahead of Michigan (6:47.773).  The Spartans and Ohio State duked it out for fourth place, with the Buckeyes (6:56.430) finishing a deck ahead of MSU, which was clocked in 6:57.190.  In the secon d novice eight, MSU finished fifth as well – the Spartans maintained contact with fourth-place Iowa, putting up a time of 7:06.559, which was more than 20 seconds ahead of Indiana (7:27.218).
Sunday, May 15, 2016    •     Indianapolis, Indiana 
Ohio State  – 174
Wisconsin – 159
MIchigan – 154
Indiana – 115
Iowa – 95
MInnesota – 86
Michigan State – 50
Rutgers – 24
Varsity Eight Final Results:   Ohio State 6:22.722; Michigan 6:22.794; Wisconsin 6:28.109; Indiana 6:35.421; Iowa 6:35.990; Minnesota 6:41.535; Michigan State 6:42.309; Rutgers 6:53.882
   Varsity Eight Lineup:    cox- Julianne Calzonetti; S- Becca Uebele; 7- Brianna Higgins; 6- Brook Edgar; 5- Lindsey Klei; 4- Nicole Marek; 3- Lillian Thompson; 2- Kasidy Higgins; B- Monica Hessler
Second Varsity Eight Final Results:   Ohio State 6:24.430;  Wisconsin 6:30.012; Indiana 6:31.104; Michigan 6:32.988; Iowa 6:40.558; Minnesota 6:44.906; Michigan State 6:56.150; Rutgers 7:04.354
   Second Varsity Eight Lineup:   cox- Hannah Worth; S-  Adrien Kawalek; 7 – Asabe Danpollo; 6 – Mikayla Russell; 5 – Cailyn Wolski; 4 – Lori Comer; 3 – Joanna Beaton ;  2 – Maya Regalado; B – Emily Tatge
Varsity Four Final Results:   Ohio State 7:10.364; Wisconsin 7:14.242; Michigan 7:15.927; Indiana 7:23.720; Minnesota 7:25.492; Iowa 7:33.879; MIchigan State 7:41.863; Rutgers 7:57.609
   Varsity Four Lineup:  cox- Michelle DeVriendt; S- Corinne DeVries; 3- Samantha Hahn; 2- Sierra Bailey; B- Jessica Marone
Second Varsity Four Final Results:   MIchigan 7:06.826; Ohio State 7:16.572; Wisconsin 7:16.914; Minnesota 7:36.754; Indiana 7:38.285; Iowa 7:43.837; Michigan State 7:57.330; Rutgers 8:09.173
 Second Varsity Four Lineup:  cox- Olivia Derbabian; S- Madison Traver; 3- Kathleen Noblet; 2- Danielle Connery; B- Lauren Flowers
Third Varsity Four Final Results:   Ohio State 7:16.638; MIchigan 717.114; Wisconsin 7:32.483; Iowa 7:47.735; Indiana 7:54.740  (no MSU, Rutgers Minnesota)
Novice Eight Final Results:  Wisconsin 6:45.126; Michigan 6:47.773; Minnesota 6:48.428; Iowa 6:48.556;  Ohio State 6:56.430; Michigan State 6:57.190; Indiana 7:04.432; Rutgers 7:11.338
   Novice Eight Lineup:  cox –  Julia Michienzi;  S- Meaghan Faucher; 7- Micah Peel; 6-  Hannah Hentgen; 5- Kelsey Rambo; 4- Makayla Plekes;  3- Samantha Jabara; 2- Kaitlyn Meiste;  B-  Madelyn Bagley
Second Novice Eight Final Results:  Wisconsin 6:47.242; Minnesota 6:58.585; Michigan 6:59.725; Iowa 7:02.720; Michigan State 7:06.559; Indiana 7:27.218; Rutgers 7:50.413
   Second Novice Eight Lineup:  cox –  Abigail Hampton;  S- Theresa Duffy; 7- Clare Sutka ; 6- Samantha Rogers; 5- Emily Mall;  4- Jessica Derkacz; 3 – Kaylan Hayman;  2 – Abigail Miller; B- Anna Kilmer
First Team All-Big Ten
Rebecca Brougher, Indiana; Beth Baustian, Iowa; Kaitlin Wright, Michigan; Kendall Brewer, Michigan; Julianne Calzonetti, Michigan State  ;Anna Green, Minnesota; Catherine Shields, Ohio State; Stephanie Williams, Ohio State; Sarah Davis, Ohio State; Kathleen Dennis, Rutgers; Gil Cooper, Wisconsin
Second Team All-Big Ten
Emily Barber, Indiana; Hannah Hawks, Iowa; Louisa Freeman, Michigan; Tessa Yurko, Michigan; Brook Edgar, Michigan State ;Taylor Gainey, Minnesota; Annie Jachthuber, Ohio State; Rachel Engel, Ohio State; Onyeka Oguagha, Rutgers; Hannah Schwartz, Wisconsin; Brianna Dahm, Wisconsin
Sportsmanship Award Honorees
Hanna Henry, Indiana; Nina Hendriks, Iowa; Adena Coste, Michigan; Joanna Beaton, Michigan State; Sara Scarbro, Minnesota; Sarah Peffley, Ohio State; Langley Oudemans, Rutgers; Kate Condon, Wisconsin