East Lansing, MI

Mark Dantonio and Nick Saban are the only two coaches in the last three years to finish with a team in the top six. That is a big deal, but the Spartans also have two Big Ten titles to add to that and 10 players drafted.

So what does MSU head coach Mark Dantonio attest to his success? He discussed it.

“Well, I think we have an outstanding staff, and they’ve done a tremendous job, and I think we gel well together, and it talks to chemistry and it talks to our abilities, as well. The thing that you’re missing in your equations there is how many of our players that weren’t drafted have made an NFL team and are currently playing.”

He went on to add, “So whether you go as a free agent, and I saw a stat the other day on ESPN on the draft, it said 68 percent of the players in the draft weren’t playing in the NFL currently. 68, almost 70 percent are third-round or lower players. I think that speaks volumes about the difference between a player drafted and a player not drafted, or a player drafted in the first round or let’s say the third round or second round or whatever. The difference is really not that much. It’s all about development and opportunity.”

Think about this. Here is the STUNNING part of this story. Over the last three year period the Ohio State Buckeyes have had 23 players drafted and Alabama 22. That tells you the job that Mark Dantonio and his staff have done developing talent and building a team.

Mark Dantonio may not have the most NFL talent, but he continues to win and win at a high level. Don’t forget it is Dantonio he has bested Ohio State and Urban Meyer two of the last three seasons. This is a big deal for the Spartan Nation and Michigan State Football. Another example of the job Dantonio has done and is doing.