After a football season that saw the Michigan State Spartans finish in the top six for the third straight year, Mark Dantonio and his staff immediately focused all of their attention to signing his best recruiting class yet. He then went right on to spring football and immediatlely to the NFL draft.

There is no doubt that college football is a year round sport. While barely five months old 2016 has been a whirlwind for Dantonio and his staff. So what is next for the Spartans between now and the start of camp in August? He addressed that.

“You know, we’re spring recruiting, so it’s finding guys and evaluating players and hosting some players when they do come up unofficially, then it’s critiquing again, spring practice, and getting on to who we’re playing and looking at who we’re playing and doing summer reports and things of that nature, and then it’s a little bit of downtime as we move forward, too. We’ve got exams this week, so be back in the office on Tuesday and see our players hopefully — we only had a team meeting last week, but players will be trickling out of here and then be back for summer school in a week and a half. Hopefully I’ll see some of those guys as they move out of here on Tuesday.”

He went on to add, “But it’s sort of the next phase. Spring ball is over, finish your exams, a little break time for our players, and then get back at it.”

So while the Spartan staff hits the recruiting trail hard in June and looks for some down time to recharge their batteries, not doubt that there is also a lot of time watching film of themselves and opponents on the 2016 schedule.