Duffy Daugherty Football Building

East Lansing, MI

For the second straight year MSU OL Brian Allen was the first overall pick for the Spartan football spring draft, by the white team. For those that don’t know the seniors are divided evenly into two teams (Green Tyler O’Connor White Riley Bullough) and they proceed to draft. Once a positon is open, you must stay in that position group until all available players have been selected. For example Allen (OL) went #1 overall so they had to ONLY pick OL until all players were taken.

There was however very little drama, but many telling things. For example, Spartan Nation has been telling you and quoting people all spring praising Brian Lewerke. It was starting QB Tyler O’Connor’s team (Green) that selected Lewerke as the first QB taken. O’Connor couldn’t be because he was a senior.

It was also true freshman WR Donnie Corley who was picked #1 to the white team with RJ Shelton already a senior and on the white team. Other interesting notes: L.J. Scott was taken as the #1 RB by the white team as well. The white team has Scott and Delton Williams.

One other note of interest was that Oklahoma head football coach Bob Stoops is in East Lansing today. He watched the draft and will be attending this afternoons practice. Stoops is also from Ohio like Mark Dantonio and the two of them have been friends for many years. Also MSU AD Mark Hollis is close to OU AD Joe Castiglione.

Mark Dantonio has mentioned in the past how much he enjoys watching the draft saying, “It is one thing what we as coaches think up in the offices watching film, but the guys picking with beans and franks on the line tell you what the locker room thinks.” I agree.

The winners of the green and white game get a steak dinner while the losers get beans and franks.

The green team is coached by Co-DC Mike Tressel and the white team by QB Coach Brad Salem.