News and Notes from Around the NFL


What a win for the Lions on many levels.  They broke the 13-year drought in MPLS, but they also came back from 20.  Can Stafford stay healthy?  The way Jeff Backup is playing, no way.  He was terrible and how long will the Lions keep waiting to address the LT spot?


So will the Colts take Andrew Luck the QB from Stanford in the 2012 NFL draft?


Interesting comment from an NFL scout on Kirk Cousins to me after the MSU vs CMU game, “Is he having fun?”  By the way he asked me the same question last year.


I have no concerns for the Patriots after Tom Brady threw four INTS. One NFL player said yesterday to me, “That is like Jennifer Lopez who looks like a goddess being angry about one bad hair-day.”


Memo to the Colts:  Just play Painter.  Manning is out for the year.


Memo to the Vikings:  Just play Ponder.  McNabb is NOT the problem.  He is scoring points. How about only running the ball with AP five times in the second half against Detroit when you had a 20-point lead?  You are going to stink so play the youngster, but don’t blame McNabb for HORRIBLE coaching.


The Falcons loss to the Bucs didn’t bother me.  They came back strong and ran out of time, part of the equation for a young team learning to win.  Not time to panic.


Mike Vick should stop complaining during the game about penalties for getting hit.  Want to get hit less, then stop playing the way you do. Want to get dropped, stop playing the way you do.  I have never thought he could play all 16 and have said it here.  Now we know he won’t.  Out at least 3-4 weeks.


Memo to Vince Young…Next time you label the team you are on as the dream team, make sure that you look at it objectively.


How bad are the Cardinals?  The Seahawks just manhandled you.  That is like saying Pee Wee Herman kicked your butt.  The Seahawks have no business kicking anyone’s butt.


Memo to the Bears:  You are not the third best team in the NFC Norris. 


Memo to Cedric Benson:  You file an unfair labor practice charge against the players union? You have more off field issues then I have excess pounds and have I mentioned I think you are an idiot?


Memo the Saints: The only thing standing between you and the Aints is Drew Brees. How can he not have a new deal?


So, is it time for Kirk Ferentz at the end of this season to leave Iowa for Kansas City and the NFL?  I have been told numerous times by those close that the only thing holding him in Iowa City is his children.  KC for sure is going to get a new head man next year.


Bengals fans may be getting smarter and staying away.  I don’t blame them.  The Natti would be a great place for a pro football team.  Shame because Dalton can be special.  He can’t take it personal because the fans are sick of a terrible ownership and not him.


Paging all Giants fans:  Do you love Eli this week?


Gruden watch 2012:  Help is on the way Skins fans.