2011 Spartan Nation Football Profile: #10 Chris Norman


Expectation:  Starting Star LB


Height:   6’1”


Weight:  227#


2011 Eligibility:  Junior


EXP:  2 Letters


Status:  Competing for starting STAR LB


Strengths:  Against Notre Dame the Irish had a second and ten at the MSU 22 with 7:28 on the clock in the second quarter.  Without thinking, Norman on pure instinct forced a fumble.  Norman (like Gholston in the previous profile) had to play as a freshman.  It would have been better for him and Gholston to redshirt, but it is what it is.  He is gifted and talented.  He is able to just play the game at such a high level and to do it instinctually.  His strength is his physical talent and knowledge of the game.


Weakness:  Let’s stick with the Notre Dame game.  In the third quarter the Irish had a first and fifteen at the their own 18 with 5:45 left in the quarter.  The Irish were in a four WR set and Norman’s responsibility was the slot WR.  He was eight yards off the receiver and he made a poor read.  The WR got the first down.  His weakness is that he was forced to play early (that is why redshirts are so important) and simply is still learning the proper reads.  Like Gholston he was always the big dog, Mr. Athleticism that was able to play off of pure instinct.  His weakness is simply experience.  Nothing else. 


Final Analysis:  Norman is as equally a super young man as is Gholston.  He came to MSU at a time that young men of his talent had to play.  Now he would redshirt.  He will also get his shot at the NFL, and frankly I look for him this season to go from good to great.  This is his third year and he is ready.  A super person and football player is what makes Norman an all around special young man.  What a great mix. 


Next up:  CB Johnny Adams