White is posied for a monster year in 2011! Photo courtesy of MSU SID.

2011 Spartan Nation Football Profile: #98 DT Anthony Rashad White

Expectation:  Compete for starting DT

Height:   6’2”

Weight:  323#

2011 Eligibility:  Junior

EXP:  1 letter

Status:  competing with Kevin Pickelman for starting DT

Strengths:  Against WMU last season White showed the Spartan Nation why this staff coveted him.  In the second quarter with 3:21 to go in the half the Broncos had a first and ten at their own 31.  White exploded off the ball with superb technique, got under the guard, and blew the play up with a tackle of the RB behind the line.  When his want to is strong, he is unstoppable.

Weakness:  Again, let’s look at WMU, soon after the above mentioned play.  In the second quarter with 2:41 left in the half, the Broncos faced a third and three at their own 38.  White was winded and tired, when he wasn’t going to get to the QB he needed to get his hands up and didn’t.  He was beat.  White can be as good as he wants.  If he comes into camp in shape and ready to do the little technique things like getting your hands up he has a genuine shot at stardom and the league.  It is his call.  When he uses technique and plays all out he is dominant.

Final Analysis:  White is one of the most likeable and humble young men you will meet.  If you didn’t know him you would think he is aloof, but that is far from the truth.  He is quiet, but once he talks, is personable and warm.  A great kid.  I know his want to is there, and I expect him and Pickelman to get double digit sacks as the opposing offenses will double team Jerel Worthy all season.

Next up:  DT Kevin Pickelman