Safety Trenton Robinson will for sure get picked in the NFL 2012 Draft and his return is a key for DC Pat Narduzzi in 2011. Photo courtesy of Bill Marklevits.


News, Notes, and Thoughts from Spartan Football


OK Hondo.  I read your prediction and I have to say that if MSU goes to Northwestern and they are 10-1 as you predict there is no way they lose to the accountants.  Love your stuff but you are waaaay wrong.  Stephen

Stephen, I HOPE I am wrong.  It is not integrity to predict what I hope and not what I think.  Northwestern is going to be tough.  They are excellent as is MSU.  I only gave them the edge because it is AT Northwestern and MSU struggles there.  Also Coach Fitzgerald said on Spartan Nation Radio that Dan Persa his QB will be 100% when the season is underway.


Hondo, I just wanted to thank you for the radio interviews with the players.  I have to agree with a poster on the message board that Kyle Kerrick won me over.  A great kid and his comment about Michigan State Football’s perception in Pennsylvania is that it IS Michigan football sent me into orbit with excitement.  I also thought it was great that you had done the homework to learn he was a bad dancer.  Thanks for making it more personal and less X’s and O’s.  Ron in Perry

Thanks Ron.  Kyle was so good.  In fairness, he is one of many with the character and personality that Mark Dantonio is going after.  He wasn’t taking a shot at UM, but I also loved the quote and Tweeted it.  As far as the style of interviews we try to make them personal.  We want people to get to know these kids, because they are truly amazing young people.


OK Hondo, I love your stuff, but I read or heard you say recently that the 2012 recruiting class may be Mark Dantonio’s smallest, but one of his best?  Please tell me that wasn’t hype and that you meant it.  I can’t tell you after hearing all the wolvies talk crap to start out, that made me very happy.  Tylor

Tylor, if I say and report it, I mean it.  This class has ten commitments (at the time of writing this) and every one of them are stars.  Every one.  I know in February I will have to rate the class, I am just glad it isn’t February now because they are all so talented and all so good.  That is a job I don’t look forward to.


Hondo, I read that you will be doing the radio show live from the Big Ten Media Days this year like last.  Will you have any of the players on?  You had all the coaches last year and would like to hear some players also?  I know, I am being greedy, but I love it.  Eric

Eric, this is the first year that the Big Ten has had a “media row” like the Super Bowl.  We don’t have all the details, but yes it is my understanding players will be joining us live and not taped.  That could change, but I expect players and coaches this year from all 12 teams.


Hondo, as a new Spartan I thought I should say thanks for the article in this past month’s magazine on the Bullough family.  We all knew they were great players and coaches, but how special that they are great people and a close family.  Bruce

Thanks Bruce.  From Hank to Riley and those in between they are all great folks.  The Spartan Nation has a lot of people to be proud of and none more than the Bulloughs. 


Thanks for all of the great comments and email for the Saturday column.  If you aren’t aware, on Saturday mornings I answer some of your email in a Q and A column about Spartan football.  If you have a MSU football question you would like answered send me an email at   It was posted on Sunday today because I am in Washington and California this weekend.