Man, times have changed. I might only be 23 years old, and have never seen a piece of Double Bubble Bubble Gum for a nickel like some people, but many things have changed in my short life time, especially the game of football.  Sure, football began and remains a game that was played as violently as any sport we see today.  But the game has changed: now we see referees blowing the whistle faster, more rules being implemented to protect players, and even the padding that is worn has changed to prevent things like concussions that were common affairs back in the early days of the game. It’s always been a game of grit and passion, toughness and ferocity no matter what changes have been made. That is one thing that hasn’t changed.


The Season May End, but Football Never Does!

The Season May End, but Football Never Does!

Another facet of the game that has changed is the thought and technique of the game, both on and off the field. On the field we have seen more schemes, planning, and strategy; but for the fans, schemes, planning, and strategy have brought to us a whole new season and made the game of college football a year-round, must see event


Football used to only last until the end of fall, maybe a bit into winter with a non-conference slate, conference games, and then, if good enough, a bowl vacation. We as Michigan State fans have had our share of lonely holidays, and we always seemed to be waiting for the next season to kickoff after the middle of November.


But now, the annual Spring Game helps pass the time from the end of the year to a new dawn in the fall.  As fans, we now have the ability to watch our teams, whether it’s Michigan State or any other team in the nation, in pads before the official season ever gets started. How did we ever live without it? Sure, much of our hype and our interest comes from the mainstream forms of media and the ability to see these things live over the internet and on TV, but it was us the fans who asked for that void to be filled; if we hadn’t, it wouldn’t be covered. It was our hunger for more football that drove this movement.


The other extension of the season that now takes place is recruiting. Yes, recruiting has been around since my Great-Great Grandfather was in diapers (okay, maybe not that long ago), but, nevertheless, schools have always recruited players.  And fans now live vicariously through coaches, who have to be more strategic and more artful in their attempts to woo a player into their favor. Recruiting has gotten so big that we have multiple sources covering information up to the minute for nearly every institution in the nation.


Recruiting has become so large that even National Signing day, when kids sign their Letters of Intent to play for a university, is shown on ESPN. We here at Spartan Nation, with Head Coach Mark Dantonio at the helm, have a lot to be proud of and look forward to during the recruiting season. How many of you were just like me, glued to the computer to find out if the rumor of William Gholston actually being committed to us was true or whether it was false hope?  I know I was; it’s a part of the game you must see, and a big reason why college football has evolved into a year round sport.


We are a football nation, here at Spartan Nation and all over the United States, and we just can’t seem to live without that pigskin.  Just a short time ago, how many of us really paid a ton of attention when we landed Plaxico Burress? How about Sedrick Irvin? Sure a select few can say “I did”, but the majority did not. This is why college football has become what we know today, not only a game of toughness, ferocity and strategy, but now also a game that takes place year-round. This isn’t like the NFL. Almost every sport has its offseason and its spotlight, but it seems only college football offers the chance to take the game in for a full 12 months.


The game has changed just like the times. Everything changes it’s just a fact of life.  But lucky for us as college football fans, times are changing for the better, and to that age-old question of why the season has to end, there is an answer — it doesn’t.