Call me naive, call me stupid or just call me blind.

But with the recent allegations surrounding Tim Floyd’s resignation from USC coupled with the whole Memphis academic discrepancies, is everything in sports tainted?

Not too long ago, before what we commonly know now as the steroid era began, we were shocked to hear of big name athletes being confronted with the use. Fast forward a few years and no one seems to be surprised or even troubled by it, we just kind of shrug it off.

But it’s not just these mentioned incidences. There have been allegations and convictions for cheating in sports for as long as the games themselves. From the Black Sox to Olympics, the list goes on and on.

At college ranks with superstars as essentially “unpaid” professionals to high school, nothing seems to be sacred any more.

Normally I offer some kind of opinion or spin on the whole subject, but this has got be baffled.

It seems that in each sport at almost every level, there is at least some sort of impropriety, which has probably if not definitely altered the games.

As sports fans, we play, watch and love the games because of the pureness in them. On any given night, any team or athlete can win. Or at least that’s how it was intended to be.

I can’t say anyone is guilty or not, or whether actions of deceit have made for an unfair competitive advantage. But what I can say, is from now on I’ll suspect it.

I suspect it high school athletics, college programs of all sports and in just able every professional athlete there is.

For me that’s a very hard thing to say. Without statistics I’d like to believe 95% if not higher are clean and clear, but I’m not sure.

But no matter how you slice it, everyone, yes everyone, falls under the shadow of doubt, for cheating or illegal acts of any kind. Sad but true.

I’d like to hope it’s a recent chain of events and isolated to specific instances, but then of course you’d probably call me naive, stupid or blind.

Meet me in the Forum and let me know what you think. Is anyone or anything safe anymore? Does cheating take place at every level and how bad of a problem has it gotten to be?