News and Notes from the MSU vs. IU Game in Bloomington


  1. When the Spartans last visited IU in 2006, there was a coach on his way out.  Undisciplined play, bad penalties and a program that looked off center.  That was the case this year, only it was the Hoosiers.
  2. This was a game (as was last week) the previous to Mark Dantonio’s Extreme Makeover of the program they would have lost.
  3. Javon Ringer had 198 yards with time left in the game.  I know that some will be critical of Dantonio (I agree with him) but he did exactly what he teaches his players to do.  He respected his opponent and the game of football.  He let time run off the clock and took a knee.  Javon getting two hundred yards was not as important as winning with class and respect.  Javon agreed with his coach 100% and those that don’t need to remember what this program was like when people didn’t do that.
  4. I am perhaps the biggest supporter of MD as there is and I am proud of that.  I can also say that I totally, 100% disagree with his decision with :42 left in the first half, three time outs, the wind at their back and a kicker who had been magnificent for not going for points.  He told me after the game that he felt like IU had the momentum and he just wanted to get off the field and regroup.  I think you at least spread the field and run Javon (give him a chance to break one) if you are concerned about a pick.
  5. Otis “BLING BLING” Wiley went for the Sportscenter hit rather than a good tackle and it cost the Spartans a TD.  I asked Narduzzi after the game about it and he inferred that Wiley, “Got his bell rung,” and was possibly not all there.  You can see the video by clicking on the Hondo’s House ICON on the left.  If Wiley was injured he shouldn’t have been out there, and that could have been the reason why he had a poor game that reminded me of last season.  I will dig more on Wiley’s condition.
  6. The MSU defense got a lot of love lately, but it has a lot of questions.  This is not a defense that competes for the Big Ten.  Many questions.
  7. Brian Hoyer is a great kid and a good QB when MSU puts him in position to succeed.  I like the play actions on first down and you saw in the second half a much better performance than in the first.  I didn’t like how they tried to come out throwing.  You HAVE to use the run to set up the pass with a game manager type QB.  Brian is what he is and that won’t change. 
  8. For all the hate on Hoyer (which I just don’t get) how about some pressure on dropped passes by his receivers?  I know that Mark Dell is the elder statesman of the crew and he is only a sophomore, but he is the leader and he has dropped some easy passes.
  9. Credit the OL and Hoyer for no sacks yesterday.  There should have been an interception by IU that their guys simply dropped.  The bad is that it was in scoring position and MSU ending up with three critical points.  Just like in the CAL game, Hoyer, when he gets close, makes some poor decisions and you can’t have that from your QB.  ESPECIALLY a fifth year Senior.  Points are precious and you can’t make mistakes in scoring position.
  10. Hoyer was 14 of 26.  He also had six drops by his WR’s.  He also had two poor passes caught, so he should have been 18 of 26.  Not as bad as some would think or are acting.
  11. The punt protection was horrendous and not just on the block.  Terrible.
  12. The punt receive was bad, but that could have a lot to do with Otis potentially being injured.  Again, I will dig on this today.
  13. How about little Brett Swenson?  He looked fantastic.  I told you people before the season that he was back to his freshman confidence and he looked like the All American he was.  His hamstring is great and he looks great.
  14. I thought the defense in the first half struggled with what IU threw at them.  I am concerned that the defense that played against ND wasn’t at IU?  Does IU have that much better talent?  I don’t think so, but they do have a different scheme.  MSU needs to really study the tape from today when they face NW, PSU and UM.  Here is some bad news for Spartan fans.  If MSU plays like they did today on D against those three teams, they have NO chance of victory. Forget those three, any of the remaining teams.  NONE!
  15. I am excited that the Spartans won a Big Ten opener.  I am thrilled that they won a game that they would have lost.  I am not happy with how they played or where we are as a team five games into the season.  There are a lot of questions that need answers and a lot of people need to step up their play to win the eight games I predicted, let alone more.
  16. MSU’s remaining opponents are going to watch this tape and use a very good IU game plan.  Put multiple players in the box and force MSU to the air.  The Spartan aerial attack better be ready.
  17. I have a lot more questions that I won’t publicize until I dig and get some answers.  No sense stating things that may have legit explanations.  We will talk with MD today and write more tonight.