Hey Hondo,
I know they put Francis at RE a few times last year although to me he’s built more like a LE.  Do you think that’ll effect who they draft? 
Hi Eric!
I don’t think that IAF and his development will have anything to do with what the Lions do with FA or draft.  IAF is a good backup at this point in his career.  I do think he will develop into a good starter, but not now.  He is a great student with a high motor.  He isn’t lazy so it is a matter of when rather than if, but he won’t have a bearing on what the Lions do.
Now that Kevin Jones is rehabbing yet another injury this off-season how are the Lions going to handle the RB duties next year? 
Hi Kevin!
First of all KJ is a warrior.  He is also a warrior who has now had his 2nd career ending injury.  He also has proven to have durability issues.  Saying that, I expect him to be back.  They want and plan to resign TJ, but they will look for another FA as a RB.  I will be shocked if Calhoun is back. He simply doesn’t have the love for the game that Marinelli is looking for.  They want guys like TJ and KJ that love football.  We all need to keep our fingers crossed for KJ, he is a workout warrior and a great guy.

Do you think the Lions will be active in the trade market this off-season? For example, I heard the Cowboys may be shopping Spears & Carpenter. I’m wondering if they’d have any interest in those guys or anyone else on the trading block around the league.

Hi Greg!
I wrote after the last game of the season (you can look in the archives) that if the Lions couldn’t resign Roy that they would possibly look to Dallas where the Cowboys would be willing to trade some defensive talent for Roy who would love to be a Cowboy.  I think this is a real possibility and something to keep you eye on.

Since draft talk is going to be pretty much speculation at this point (although I’m sure there is already a few players the lions have their eyes on) who do you think the lions will target in free agency?  Any names?
Hi Carmine!
This one is really hard to talk about right now and here is why.  They Lions have already looked at EVERY FA that is available and have them rated on a list.  This includes their own FA’s.  They are now evaluating rookies so that they can see what way to go.  ANYONE who tells you that the Lions have a set list that is exact at this point is not correct.

How long until they fire that incompetent boob named Matt Millen? 

Matthew, Matthew, Matthew!
Oh the hate for my boy Millen!  LOL
I understand (and so does Matt) why so many people are angry with him, but I am hearing that this next season is going to be the deciding factor.  Again I am hearing that.  I have not yet heard it from a source that I would consider close enough to WCF to say it is definite.  It is my opinion based upon talking to people closer to WCF that they have two years to get this team in the playoffs.  Either way, I have an article about Millen coming out late next week that should give a lot of insight, but the big issue is whether this team can ever win with a Ford as an owner.  I think that there are a lot more issues in the owner’s box than the GM’s.
What are your impressions around the organization of where the Lions
might be headed in Free Agency?
Hi Jeff!
The Lions have to address DE, MLB and get two CB’s.  Those are the top three needs and they will know what direction they are going to go after the combine.  BTW, I will be at the Combine in February and will have all the latest updates from there.
Your thoughts on our own FA Travis Fisher?
Hi Gary!
They really like him as a nickel back and they will resign him.  Or shall I say try to resign him.
Who will be next year’s three QB’s?
Hi Collin!
I will be shocked if Kitna isn’t the starter with Drew having lost a complete year this season.  You will see Drew there also and Dan O should be back also.  JT O’Harrington is not going to be here.  He was a Martz boy and I recently asked Colletto and loves Dan O.  Drew will get every chance to compete for the #1 spot, but conventional wisdom says that he may be one year away.
Thanks everyone for all your email.  If your email wasn’t answered, I am sorry.  I can only answer so many here and I try to answer ones that answer the most emails.  If your question wasn’t answered here, I will email you back.  Make sure you keep an eye out next week for my Matt Millen article.