Michigan Sportsmen lose one of our own!

Fred Trost, longtime host of Michigan Outdoors and the Practical Sportsman has died. For those of us that grew up hunting, fishing and trapping here in Michigan we always looked forward to catching his show.

My personal favorites every year where when he had a show dedicated to the opening day of whitetail deer hunting season with a rifle, and his classic big buck night.  Trost was truly a friend of the “Joe six pack” hunter and wasn’t afraid to speak his mind.

Trost was known to speak up for the rights of the “little guy” and eventually got a law degree, and had a segment on his show dedicated to helping sportsman understand the law.

Trost was always engaging and I personally can attest that any excuse to talk hunting was always welcomed.  Trost passed away at 61, and will be greatly missed.  I encourage all of you who loved his shows, and those of you that love hunting, fishing and trapping that maybe didn’t know him to say a prayer for his family.  In an age that so many want to take away our rights to hunt and fish, he was a champion.

We will miss you Fred!

Fred’s son Zachary has a great website dedicated to the love that he and is father shared.  I encourage you to make it a place you regularly visit as I do: