A cannon for an arm but a peanut for a brain!

Michael Vick is the latest athlete to think that laws do not apply to him.  THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT has now indicted Vick for his involvement in a dog-fighting ring. The accusations were serious before, but they’re even more serious now because the federal government usually doesn’t indict a person unless they’re confident the can convict them. Mike’s in trouble. Now I learned from Hondo with the Sean Rogers troubles that you have to wait things out to see, and I truly respect that.  However the mountain of evidence is sickening.  I can’t understand why professional athletes, ESPECIALLY professional football players, think the rules don’t apply to them. Or maybe they just don’t care about rules. That must be it.

I can’t understand how people who make more in a year then I will in an entire lifetime would even risk their fortunes and futures by doing so many moronic things. Roughing up strippers, variations of gun violations, dog fighting, assault and domestic battery, inciting riots, drugs, D.U.I’s, and illegal stimulants. It’s embarrassing. But now it’s time to see what Commissioner GODell is made of. One of the NFL’s biggest stars, not a cornerback or 3rd string WR, has just been called out by the Feds. What are you going do?

Let me tell you: Suspend him for 1 year without pay. From July 18, 2007 to July 18, 2008 Michael Vick should not set foot in any NFL facility or collect payment. His lost millions should be donated to the Humane Society for his inhumane acts. And if he is found guilty he should be banned from the game for life.  How severe is that?  We are talking about a barbaric action that is directly related to gambling (something that no professional sport can afford to be tied to…I.E. the Black Sox scandal) and that is the least of the problems.  What about the terrible things done to the animals? 

 It’s one thing to endanger your own life by doing something dumb, but to maim and kill innocent dogs for your sick, personal amusement is another.   Now I have told you all before that I am from the heart of the D.  Proudly raised by two terrific parents and my exposure to pets on a personal side really took off when I started working with Hondo.  You can’t go to his ranch (which I have many times) without being warmly greeted with three gigantic dogs that are canine versions of him as far as size, I have come face to face with cows, horses and various other animals and I can’t even begin to fathom this cruelty of dog fighting.

I have 2 Michael Vick jerseys. I used to be one of his biggest fans. His unparalleled athleticism at the QB position made him fun to watch. But that’s over now. When I see him play or give an interview I’ll only be able to think the things the federal government said he has done. Like how I’ll always view Ron Artest as the man who started the worst fight in NBA history and nothing more. Granted, Vick is innocent until proven guilty but come on. Mike is in uncharted waters now. What excuse can he possibly have? “I didn’t know what was going on my own property?” Sure Mike, that’s like “unknowingly” taking steroids. When will some of these guys understand how good they have it? They get paid millions to do what some of us would do for free. But some will never get it…and it’s their loss. Excuses me while I throw away some jerseys.