As Redding deal deadline of 4 p.m. approaches, here are two sayings you need to understand and an explanation of what is going on.

Guaranteed money and signing bonus are two very critical terms that Lions’ fans need to know.  Guaranteed money is simply what it says.  It is the amount of money over the course of the contract that the player is guaranteed. 

Let’s assume for the sake of this article that player A is offered a 5-year $25 million deal with a team.  Let’s say that he has $8 million of that deal guaranteed.  All that simply means is that over the course of the deal, the team can still cut him at any time, but he is guaranteed to make at least $8 million.  Let’s assume (again for the sake of this article) that he has the same offer but the $8 million is a signing bonus.  Now the player when he actually signs the deal gets the $8 million cash immediately.

Now the significance is that the team with a signing bonus has to give over the cash immediately.  Now why is this significant today to the Lions’ fans?  Here is why.

As the 4 p.m. deadline approaches, one of the areas that the Lions and Redding are dealing with is signing bonus vs. guaranteed money.  Redding is willing to take less signing bonus for more guaranteed money.  Now, I don’t blame Redding for wanting more guaranteed money if the Lions don’t want to give up so much cash immediately, because essentially if he forsakes signing bonus money then he is letting the Lions hold on to his money as a free loan.

The Lions are not flowing in cash (see Dwight Freeney’s $30 million signing bonus to see a team that is) and Redding wants his due.  You can’t blame him for that.  The Lions who don’t have the cash to do what the Colts did will have to give in on the guaranteed side to get this deal done.  Redding has some issues with the Lions, but they are not with Marinelli.  That said, he isn’t going to give the Lions anything (and why should he) and the Lions are going to have to step up to get the deal done.

I think the Lions will get this done; they have no choice.  If the Redding deal is not done by 4 p.m. today you will enter the season with a player that is already not happy with people in the organization who is playing (maybe not until week 10) with a contract he doesn’t want trying harder to avoid injury than playing to win.

This would be a total fiasco for the Lions if the deal isn’t done, and it is my opinion that they will capitulate to Redding who holds all the cards by overpaying (think Kalimba) him and getting a long-term deal by the 4 p.m. deadline. 

The Ford family as we all know has an immense personal fortune, and although this is total speculation maybe they will step in with some liquid cash that can be dispensed for a larger signing bonus for Redding in order to avoid having to pay more guaranteed.  I do know that both sides think the deal will get done, we shall see.