Lions let Paul Oliver pass by in the fourth round of today’s supplemental draft.

Well Lions fans we shall see.  The Lions today let the Chargers grab the only player that could stop Calvin Johnson and was a quintessential SEC shut down CB, not only fall away from them, but they let him go in the fourth round.  The CB that most people had gauged as a first rounder next year, left school early when he struggled academically, but has no issues off the field and is the high character type of player that Marinelli wants. He is physical and is the proto-typical Tampa Two CB.  The Lions could have gotten him today for 2007 money and only spent a fourth round pick.
I will have a lot more about this coming up on Tuesday when I give a report about the Lions off-season moves.  Not picking Oliver tells you that the Lions are convinced that they have an adequate CB group.  We shall see later in the season, but if this group fails to step and perform don’t forget that they had a chance to steal Oliver and they let him go.
This move will be judged early in the season.  I hope the Lions are right, but sadly I don’t think they are.  This even more brings into focus that this team is confident of where they stand.  No excuses, it now has to show up in the win column.