Jim Leyland and Tony LaRussa did as good of a job of picking their all star rosters as managers have done in the past few years.  Especially when you think about the fact that this game actually means something.  A few years ago the MLB instituted the new rule saying the winner of the all star game received home field advantage for whichever team is lucky enough to come out of that league.  As good of a job that they did, there were a few mistakes along the way.  I am going to lay these mistakes out for you, and tell you who should have made the team in their place.  I first want to say that I do not believe every team should have to be represented in the game, because there are some teams that don’t deserve to have a player there based on performance (and yes Tiger fans, I know that this is the only way we have been able to see players from Detroit there a few years ago).

Curtis Granderson 

Joe Mauer

Kevin Youkilis

Jeremy Bonderman

Joe Nathan

Jimmy Rollins

Edgar Renteria

Tom Gorzelanny

Tim Hudson

Chris Young

With these said, I think that this years game should be a cakewalk for the AL to win, as it has for quite a few years in the past.  The starters are much better.  The pitching that the team has in the pen can not be beat.  And when you have to start Barry Bonds, your team deserves to lose just on principle.  Good luck to both teams, but I’m going to take the AL winning 8-4.