Kenoy Kennedy

Hondo: First of all, your reputation as a big hitter came up last season.  You showed some big ones but you got to be excited about the gelling of the defensive unit this football season. 

Kenoy: Oh yeah I’m excited.  We’re getting to play together.  A couple of guys especially me and Daniel had time to play together last year.  This year we can just kind of look at each and know which way the other guy is going.  And then with Joe Berry here, he’s cleaned up a lot of things we were confused on last year.  The defense is running so much smoother this year.  Guys are communicating..  Didn’t change too many things up.  Same type of defense, but it runs a lot more smoother.

Hondo: For you, personally, you are not a finesse safety.  You’re a bang them up and beat them up type of guy.  You have to love the fact that Berry is preaching “Attack! Attack! Attack!” 

Kenoy: Yea, that’s my game if you want to stand out there an be pretty, I won’t be in the league that long.  I’m get down and bang guy.  That is my type of defense and that’s why I think I work well in this system.

Hondo: It’s amazing to me in the change of attitude in just a few months in this team.  Does it shock you?  Because this is a different team.

Kenoy: It really doesn’t shock me.  We’ve got great guys in the locker-room.  The coaches have cleaned up a lot around here and got a lot positive guys in and lot positive people on the staff.  And that shows and guys are bouncing around happy to come to work.  Sometimes last year, guys weren’t happy coming to work or practice.  Guys now are happy to come to work and coming to put our pads on and coming to practice.  All of this stuff that w are doing is voluntary.  I don’t know how many guys that are not here.  A lot of guys are excited about being here.

Hondo: It’s a shock to know that offensive and defensive guys are communicating, walking off the field together.  There is a sense of camaraderie it’s the Lions organization now.

Kenoy: Right and that’s what it is all about and that’s how it should be.  My early years in the league, when I was out in Denver that is how it was and that’s how I grew up in this league being used to.  That’s what its come to now and I think we are starting to get it here.  We’re excited about getting this season started once we can go play someone else and let all this work we have been putting in shine.

Hondo: There are some guys in this league that play for the money.  I’m convinced you would play flag football id you weren’t in the league somewhere.  For going to be to the young heavy hitter guy to a seasoned vet.  Bullocks looks up to you, you’re helping him its got to be a transition in your career now.  You’re the guy everyone looks to and you are kind of a coach.

Kenoy: It was strange at first because everyone calling me the old guy.  I was like who are they talking to, they can’t be talking to me.  When I look around, Fernando is the oldest guy in the room but I’m one year behind him.  We’re the two old guys back there and we got show the young guys the way.  And I try to do that and if they have questions I try to answer it to the best of my ability.  If I don’t know the coaches will show so I just try and show them the way.

Sean Cody

Hondo:  Alright big sexy, I used to call Marcus Pollard that,  you got rid of the cornrows you got the Mohawk going, you got the mojo moving.

Sean: I got the summer look, the fresh off the beach look so it’s working right now.

Hondo: How are you feeling?   For this team to have success it needs you.  How do you feel?

Sean: Feeling good, my toe feeling stronger.  I’ve been able to do some pass rush.  I’ve been working with Rod a lot.  I feel like I’m coming along, I’m ready to go for training camp.

Hondo: I watched you today make two or three cuts right on that foot.  Does it feel like it’s a hundred percent healthy for you?

Sean: Yea, it feel s stronger. it still gets sore. It still get swollen but we are working through that so you just get to that where I can just be explosive really without the pain and the swelling.

Hondo: Obviously, you’re strong but your speed is really critical.  How excited are you about this defense?

Sean: I’m so excited, Joe Berry my guy now.  He’s a Trojan and a great defensive coordinator.  Everyone is on the same page and we’re all learning and everyone loves him we’re all feeling the same vibe.  It’s definitely exciting right now and to working this kind of defense and flying up the field like we get to and working with Rod Marinelli it’s definitely a great thing right now. 

Hondo: Last year, you were kind of a fish out water with some of your teammates that you played with because their attitude was not a reflection of yours.  Now your attitude is the rule and not the exception how does that make you feel?

Sean: It’s awesome.  Having Cory Redding as one of our leaders and getting to follow a guy like that who is a hundred percent football and he loves this stuff. You can definitely feel a change on team and feel how things are going in the right direction.  It’s definitely exciting to be under guys like that that know how to practice and know how to work hard.

Hondo: Talk about your dad.  I know Father’s day is coming up, I know how much you love him and how much he means to you.  Would you talk about?

Sean: Hey that’s my foundation.  That’s my guy.  I got to go out there last weekend and we got to hang out and talk about stuff.  I want to do something special for him, get him out somewhere.  He is pretty old-fashioned so he doesn’t want to do anything but we’ll get him.

Hondo: You hit on a point.  You talk a lot about your character.  A lot of parents see their kids as a meal ticket, yours didn’t.  They wanted you to be conservative and put money away. It’s got to make feel good that it hasn’t changed them.

Sean: Yea, it makes it so much easier because you hear about guys and you hear some stories about other guys saying, “my parents are trying to leech off me,” or “my uncle wants this.” I’ve never had any of those problems, so its’ a lot easier on me to transaction to the NFL and never worry about problems like that.

Hondo” Alright, it’s ninety degrees out.  Does it feel like Southern Cal.

Sean: The humidity is killer here, we got that dry heat out in LA.  The humidity is killer.

Hondo: Lastly, for you, personally, I know that you have always-how you talked about the recruiting-how you went and got away made your decision.  Last year, it was a lot of “we need Cody.”  This is going to be a big year for you.  I’ve told everyone you can be this year’s Cory Redding.  I think you use that to motivate you.  Does it get you down?
Sean: Yea, I was frustrated last year.  It was one of my frustrating years of my career.  Having the injury so early and feeling like you are not part of the team/  it’s tough so I think I thrive on those type of things.  I had the same type of injury in college and my year after I strived and I made progress and had a big year.  I definitely strive in these type of things and get better as a player.

Hondo: Alright if you don’t bring cornrows back, I go to buy you dinner.  If you do bring the cornrows back you got to buy me dinner.  That’s going to be a big bill, brother.

We apologize to the great Lions fans that can’t watch this as a video which would be much better for the fans.  The new recent stupid NFL rules prohibit that.  So even though you can’t see it anywhere else since Hondo was the only reporter to do it, here is at least the transcript.  Thanks Goodell.