Can one man really beat five? Because regardless of what all the experts think, LeBron James can win this series by himself. It’s a stretch to compare LeBron to any other basketball player only because there hasn’t been a complete package like James for some time. Yes, the big “O”, Oscar Robertson, AVERAGED a triple double in his career. Sure Magic was big for a guard and had great court vision and was great in the open floor. But to be 6’8, 250 lbs and to be so powerful with such a quick first step and burst to the basket is rather unheard of. Especially for a 22 year old kid who never set foot on a college campus. I’m sure some of you can think of an all-time great who may have been the complete package, but you may not be able to compare LeBron’s skill and size at this age to any of his current NBA peers. Now don’t say that I’m comparing Lebron to anyone because I’m not. Nor am I crediting Bron Bron with any type of greatness because he hasn’t earned that yet (Not with the defense he plays). I’m just saying that there isn’t a player in this league with his size and raw athletic ability and if one man could take down an entire team by himself, it’s LeBron James.


The Pistons define the word “team”. They have great chemistry, their core group of players has been together for a few years, each player knows his role, and they execute in crunch time. The Pistons made things look easy when they started the playoffs going 7-0 before dispatching Chicago in 6 games and winning the first 2 in this series to run their record to 10-4. But the Pistons have to be careful now. They can’t afford to think that the Cavs will back down. They now have to pick their poison with Lebron. They can double team him if they want and watch as he racks up assists and gets his teammates open and easy looks. Or they can leave him in one-on-one coverage. And while Tayshaun Price is a more than serviceable defender, he can’t stop James. Jordan had his Pippen, Kobe had his Shaq, and Isaiah had his Dumars. LeBron has a team full of “Eh, they’re OK” type of guys and he’s still getting it done….so far. But unless the Pistons get their act together this series will be over faster than a date that starts with “You know, you’re fatter than I thought”

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