Hondo: Talk about your adjustment, if you would please, to the NFL?  How’s it going in your opinion? I know it’s been a few practices.

Calvin: Yeah, it’s going pretty good, you know, I’m still trying to learn the playbook, its pretty tough, you know, still trying to get all the basic things down, all the fundamentals and everything. 
Hondo: Is it surprising to you, because in college you ran away from so many people? The speed that’s in the NFL? 

Calvin: No, it’s something that you expect. You know it’s going to get fast, you know you’re going against the best players, so its something you just have to expect. 
Hondo: What’s it like to play under coach Martz? 

Calvin: It’s interesting. You have a lot of terms to learn so that’s what makes it kind of tough, but I’m getting it down. 

Hondo: How’s your mastering of the playbook going and how far are you through it?  Calvin: I don’t know how big it is yet. I haven’t gotten everything, but so far I’m coming along.

We apologize to the great Lions fans that can’t watch this as a video which would be much better for the fans.  The new recent stupid NFL rules prohibit that.  So even though you can’t see it anywhere else since Hondo was the only reporter to do it, here is at least the transcript.  Thanks Goodell.