Just watch the game, please.  That’s all I ask.  I don’t want to do the wave.  I understand that you and your friends think you’re all good looking (FYI, it’s all in your mind).  I want to watch the game that I came here for.  I’m sorry if the game isn’t enough for you, so you have to drink 4 too many “pops” to have a good time.

I attended a Tiger’s game this past week and saw some of the worst “fans” that I have seen.  There were the dudes trying to hit on girls for more than two innings (guys, it’s not gonna happen). There were numerous people wearing jerseys and hats of other teams.  No, not other Detroit teams, but teams such as the Lakers, the Cavaliers and even a “fan” with a Seahawks jersey.  There were the numerous people sleeping.  There were the “suits” sitting behind the dugouts clearly not caring what was going on in the game while trying to entertain clients, who by the way were actually watching the game, so I know they were more annoyed by the “suits”.  But they aren’t the worst of it.

The worst of the people at the park this particular day were the twenty-something girls sitting behind the dugout more worried about doing the wave than watching as Magg’s jacked a homer.  Too busy to understand when your team is batting, sit down and watch the game.  When I first noticed these particular fans they appeared to already have had enough to drink for the night.  But lo and behold they twice came down with more “pops” stumbling in to their seats.  That was it for me.  That’s when I knew this had to be said.

I understand that to some people baseball isn’t as appealing as getting excessively drunk.  If you’re going to do this, at least stay away from people who want to watch the game.  Trade seats with the mother of 3 who just got laid off at GM, and is trying to spend quality time with her children.  But because of the prices of tickets, can only afford to sit in the upper deck.  Give up your seats to the gentleman sitting in the outfield who just turned 85, has been a lifelong Tiger’s fan, but hasn’t been able to leave his house because of losing his legs in WW2. 

The least I can ask of fans who attend any sporting event is to be courteous to those around you and understand that you have it very good to be sitting so close.  Think about the people who just want to watch the game and not have to worry about their children hearing an expletive-laden tirade because the pitcher just gave up a three run home run.  Is being nice at a sporting event too much to ask for?


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