Hondo: New Right Tackle. George, first of all, what’s your impression of being in Detroit?

George: I’m loving it, man. The guys here wanna win. With the last few years…But having a chance to be somewhere else in the league you find out quickly there’s not much differences talent wise in between teams so I think we have a good chance to be real good. 
Hondo: Making a change from the Broncos to Lions… sometimes is a fresh start just good for a player?

George: It’s good for me. I’m enjoying myself and having fun out here. It’s a great group of guys and they were just really welcoming here. It has a lot to do with that locker room to say how far the team will go. I see a bunch of great guys.
Hondo: What’s your impression of the attitude of this team and the work ethic?

George: The attitude is win, and win now. And so, I can dig that if you understand what I’m saying. So that’s fine with me. I see a coach, a head coach that wants to win. It’s not a process. You do it now, or else.
Hondo: You come from a running team, the Broncos. What’s your first impressions of T.J. Duckett? 250 pounds, bench presses 500 pounds and runs a 4.4 40. I mean, any impressions of him?

George: Touchdowns. Hoping we get a shot at the 20 and just give it to him. Let him do his thing. It’s gonna take more than one guy to get him down. So, it’s nice to see. I like to see guys that pound it.

We apologize to the great Lions fans that can’t watch this as a video which would be much better for the fans.  The new recent stupid NFL rules prohibit that.  So even though you can’t see it anywhere else since Hondo was the only reporter to do it, here is at least the transcript.  Thanks Goodell.